1. christopherbritton

    Removing grass skirt paired with custom shoreline texture?

    Hello, I have been working on redoing the shoreline textures for my Solomon Islands scenery. I'm replacing the old beach textures with a custom version that fades into the water a bit better. However, I have noticed that although I used the original beach texture file (scaled to a higher...
  2. R

    FSX:SE Vector Polygon does not appear in FSX

    I've been using SBX for some days now, and I'm trying to make landclass around Paris CDG. I Used the vector polygon tool to cover the airport backround with grass and some areas with city landscape. I compiled the airport and runned FSX. To my suprise, there was no grass or city landscape, just...
  3. christopherbritton

    SBX - Hole/Water polys become inverted on BGL export?

    Hello, I have been plugging away with my vector data for the Solomon Islands, however an issue arose today. When I am working in SBuilderX 315, all of my data seems to display correctly. Water is where water should be and holes are assigned where land should be. However, when I compile the BGL...
  4. christopherbritton

    [Solved] SBuilderX315 - Polygon "Make Line" leaves gap?

    Good morning. I've been working on some hand-drawn vector for my Solomon Islands X freeware scenery. To speed up the process, I have always used the "Make Line" option (by right-clicking on the poly) to draw my shoreline textures, however this leaves a gap between two of the points. Is there...