FSX:SE Vector Polygon does not appear in FSX

I've been using SBX for some days now, and I'm trying to make landclass around Paris CDG. I Used the vector polygon tool to cover the airport backround with grass and some areas with city landscape. I compiled the airport and runned FSX. To my suprise, there was no grass or city landscape, just the satelite image and some generic buildings I've added!



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Photoreal has a higher draw priority than landclass. If the airport and city are covered by satellite imagery in the sim, the landclass polys that you added will not show. All autogen trees and buildings will also be excluded in this area.
So there is no way to let the landclass apper at the top? However, all the building and objects inside the airport area is visible.


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I'm not exactly sure what the default Render Priority number is for photoreal, but the only way that may work is to find the appropriate landclass entry in the terrain.cfg and change it's RenderPriority value to one that is higher than that of the photoreal. Although, I really wouldn't recommend doing this if you will be releasing this scenery as it could screw up other scenery areas for the end user. Plus, honestly I have no idea if this method will even work.

The safest way to go about this (If the priority method does work) would be to create and append your own landclass entries, however that takes a little work to do right. Someone else would have to walk you through this as I have only dabbled in it myself.

Those buildings/objects are visible in the sim because they are placed as scenery objects, thus they are not excluded. Autogen is typically placed with the Autogen Annotator in the SDK. This is how you would add trees and general houses on top of the photoreal.
Like to add landclasses after the photoreal image, then delete the image? My main goal with this is to make winter version of Paris CDG and the area around.


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Actually, thinking back now, if you want the landclass to show above the photoreal, you could also just use a blendmask in the photoreal to make a transparent area where you want landclass to show through. Not sure why I didn't think of that in my last post as it would be so much easier..
Wait a minute, it works with erasing away some parts of the image, but i still can't see the city and forest landscape. However, I can see the airport backround.
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