FSX ADE Crosswind runways

I'm Leslie and I have question about crosswind runways. I have tried to add crosswind runways to KJAX
based on Jim Whicker Basic Crosswind Runway Tutorial. I copied his sample line for line. did a compile
and I get no compile errors, but no crosswind activity at all, no matter what time of day or weather
conditions. They are listed in FSX and ADE, but seem to be ignored. Can anyone help me?
Hi Jim
Thanks for the reply. I'm showing runways at KJAX 13/31 and 07/25 as real runways. In your sample you have runways 14/32 and 08/26 as real runways.
I know I have something wrong. What can I do to make my airport correct.
Thanks again
that's because the runway numbers were changed in 2011 due to the magnetic variation
so you need to change the runway numbers, and not forgetting to update the approaches in "Approach Mode" to the new numbers
then you will have it look like Jim's example
get back here if you need any more help
I changed the runway numbers while in approach mode, that went just find. However after compiling and starting FSX and going to KJAX all aircraft are sent to runway 26.
Still no crosswind activity, also the crosswind runways were changed to hard runways.
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Does your list look like Jim's? not sure what you mean by "Hard" are they another surface?
when you clicked on the menu/runways did you add the fake runways by clicking on "Add Xwind"
if you did then the fake runways will automatically be ice and placed at the North Pole!
an easy test to see if the both runways are activated: boot up FSX go to KJAX,
when you are sitting on the runway, bring up ATIS and see if all 9 runways are being called out.......
might pay to upload your ad4 file so we can look at it, is it made with the latest version of ADE?
I setup KJAX Just like the one you sent to me. Changed runway numbers, added crosswind runways and still all flights in and out are only using runways 26.
The runways list is showing I have 9 runways, no compile problems, made sure that my real runways are all active. I must be missing something.
1. get stock airport
2. make runway number changes
3. add crosswind runways
4. compile airport
5. save airport
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and did you try this?
"when you are sitting on the runway, bring up ATIS and see if all 9 runways are being called out"
this will tell you if all 9 runways are active!
I did try sitting on the runway and bring up ATIS and the only runway ATIS talks about is runway 26, as if no other runway is there.
Then I'm sorry your runway setup is probably not correct if ATIS does not call out all 9 runways
this is why only 26 is in use...............
did you start this airport from stock or is it some-one else's file?
can you show us a pic of your runway setup the same as Jim's pic in post 2
or upload your ad4 file so that some-one can take a look at it, as we seem to be going around in circles..................
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I am also having problems with X-Winds.

At EDDK I have the following runways:

ATIS mentions only 14L, 14R and 13:

With the wind at 48, a Lear at P24 (as shown) is ordered to take off on 14R even though it is nearer to 06 and 06/24 is longer than 14R/32L:

No AI takes-off or lands on 06/24.

Any ideas?
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I tried with the wind at 240 and they still wouldn't use Rwy 24 even though it has an ILS.

Aha, there is no approach for ILS 24, the default is 25.

What do I do?
Perplexing indeed. Does anybody know the logic FSX uses when selecting runways? Obviously wind direction is the main factor (although from above one would think that the visual approaches would have taken RWY 24). What else?

I've noticed that when you set wind to "Calm" FSX will pick the Lowest numbered runway. Some airports, KSAN for example (09/27), probably stay on the higher numbered runway for other factors - terrain. Given that knowledge, the brute force, inelegant solution is to turn off TO or Landing for certain runways (in lowest to highest order), albeit it does not solve the underlying problem described above.
If I close 14L/32R and 14R/32L, AI will use 06/24.

I deleted (orphaned) the ILS on the default 07/25 and deleted the approaches. Added an ILS and approach on 06/24. This made no difference, AI will not use 06/24.
All sorted thanks to Ray.

The problem was that the approaches for 06/24 were for the default 07/25.
the file I'm using is the .BGL file created after the ADE compile.
These are the pic's I have I hope this iron out the problem for me.
ADE1.png ADE2.png
the file I'm using is the .BGL file created after the ADE compile.

Please DO NOT open the compiled bgl file. You always open the .ad4 project file to view and work on your airport. If by chance you accidently save your airport with the bgl file open you loose alot of data needed for other enhancements to the airport.

You renumbered runway 07 and 13 to the correct numbers. Did you change all the approaches to match the new runway numbers?


I cross posted
not the navaid list, you need to make the changes in the "Approach Mode" as i suggested in post 4!
see the pic...........
in Approach Mode click on Lists/Approaches you need to change these to the new numbers
For Example: the pic shows the ILS for 07. on the top right change this, and also the second CF down "approachlegCF" change the Fix ident
then go through the list until you have corrected all of them, some will be slightly different how you change them...........