ADE-GP Helpers

The conversion of helpers to GPs is a great step forward, however, my problem is that the helper handles are huge.

I needed a rectangular GP so I created a rectangular helper, but fould it very difficult to position the helper over the correct spot:

Ignore the photo background, it is not my AFD but one uploaded earlier by someome testing the GP editor,


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To get around this problem with the fat lines when a polygon or line is selected, I drag the vertices to a reasonable arrangement, then click away from the object to remove all the fat stuff. Then I re-select it and make adjustments.

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OK - this is an ADE issue - I am not sure I have control over the size of those handles since they are generated by the graphics engine. Also they are only present if you have the ProKey as I recall.

It seems that the GP Editor brings into focus the use of much smaller objects than ADE is used to handling