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MSFS ADE2021 HF3 and 2Way

Hi Jon.
Had my first real issue yesterday. Whereby I inadvertently clicked save on the ADE airport without MSFS in Dev mode. When I opened the project in DEV (without realising the stuff missing/changed) and compiled.
Now you’ll probably know all this but:
1. VASI lost
2. All my lines that were added materials reverted to default line markings even though the stuff is in the MaterialLib folder
3. All aprons with material textures added changed to blank. Aprons still there though. Materials in MaterialLib
4. Objects added that were not in the LOM were actually dropped altogether.

It started when I was trying to bring an apron (big asphalt one) to the front in ADE. In Dev it’s ok with priority 1 and shown above runway but ADE always shows it beneath another. I didn’t resolve it but somehow closed DEV and saved ADE at some point…
I have a backup but the side by side compares show the differences.
So… should I be persevering with 2way?
I know you are flat out but are any of these items on the horizon or of interest?
I didn’t check if the descriptions were passed back and forth.
I can tell you that the latest HF will have a fix for missing Vasi. If you are referring to painted lines materials then there was a change in Alpha 21 to not use them temporarily. I don't have any comment on 3 and 4. I have not been testing around two way editing due to the problems with Dev Mode and SU7. Maybe MS/Asobo will provide some fixes soon. Descriptions are still not entirely available - the snag list is too long right now to get on top of everything