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msfs 2020

  1. M

    MSFS FSX Aircraft Animation in MSFS

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is anyone that might be able to help in relation to an issue that I have been having with some imported FSX aircraft in MSFS. I have imported a few aircraft from FSX with some being more successful than others. However, over the last few months I have...
  2. B

    ExclusionRectangle no longer working

    Recently after the new mandatory update of MSFS 2020, all of my exclusion rectangles stopped working and no longer hide the object. I’ve tried changing the option to ExcludeAll, ExcludeLibraryObjects, placing them again, but they no longer work and I don’t understand why. In the Scenery Editor...
  3. Draken

    MSFS Converting a MSFS2020 plane to P3Dv4

    Hello, us there any chance to convert an aircraft made to be used with MSFS2020 to Prepar3d v4? Pardon me if I missed a topic already discussed in other forums. Thanks!
  4. I

    Blender AirCraft modeling

    Hello, I am in need of 3D artist who can create 3D model of A401 This model is to be used in MSFS2020 as other examples there You should have extensive experience with 3D modeling, texturing, rendering, rigging, etc Please let me know your availability As we need to start this week, apply asap...
  5. H

    MSFS Emissive Multiplier

    greetings, is this option available in asobo exporter for blender? , I can't find it i need it to make my emissive maps brighter, like this

    MSFS Smart Dock | VDGS Engine for MSFS

    Hello guys Some of you might have heard or read about smart dock for P3D V4+, I posted about it in 2019 on this thread in the show room! I have been searching for a VDGS Engine for MSFS, and I couldn't find one that satisfies my need for perfect parking guidance + real-world simulation of...
  7. E

    MSFS MSFS Flight Model when landing

    Hello, Am I the only one being disturbed by the way the MSFS flight model reacts when landing? Since the release of MSFS 2020, I noticed this problem and it kept going update after update. The problem is about the behavior of the aircraft when touching down when landing. It always tends to turn...
  8. Simon_2002

    MSFS MSFS 2020 C# SimConnect decreas of the showen Character

    Hello, I put together a small test plugin for MSFS 2020 in C#. Now it shows me a number with far too many decimal places for the defined variable of the height of the aircraft. How can I eliminate these decimal places? I would also like to create an if function that, at a flight altitude of...
  9. E

    MSFS Question about autobrakes

    Hello experts, My aircraft autobrake selector has 8 positions, as shown here: I changed the systems.cfg to set auto_brakes to 6, with the additional RTO and OFF positions, I have 8 positions, from 0 to 7. So everything is consistent. Now the question is: how does the sim knows which is...
  10. L

    MSFS Default scenery doesn't come out after build

    Default scenario doesn't come out after build Default scenario does not exit and leaves duplicate PAPI, TAXI LIGHTS, TAXI LINES, APRON, WINDSOCK; It is also not possible to remove the FUEL STATION! I've already put exclusion rectangle and exclusion polygon and it doesn't solve! can anyone...
  11. KL791

    Swimming pool texturing in MSFS

    Several of my ship models have swimming pools - mostly they are done with appropriate depth, people or ladders inside and a semi transparent cover as the water surface - in P3D it worked quite well but I have had problems to get a good lively surface with both transparence and not just a dead...
  12. A

    Multi Object Per Texture

    Hi What i'm wondering is if anyone can help me with the process of creating a single texture which has multiple objects on it and how to access them in MSFS2020 I can physically create the file, the problem i have is how to we tell the sim that it needs to access only the parts of the file for...
  13. R

    MSFS Blender model showing white border in MSFS

    When importing the model into the scenery it's showing me only this white border. Also tried to uncheck the Snap to ground option but still the same. Any suggestions? *using latest sdk
  14. E

    MSFS Understanding Virtual File System

    I develop gauges in Javascript. As I came through a strange bug, I used the debugger to place breakpoints here and there. I happened to look into NavSystem.js, a source file provided by Asobo and when I saw it in the debugger, I realized the one I was using was not the original source file...
  15. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS MSFS Update Precautions

    Hi all. March 22 2022 World Update 8. Take precautions. If you have the disk space, copy your MSFS Official and Community folders as a backup. Also, you might want to delay further project development until after a successful update, as updating during the download and installation could cause...
  16. L

    MSFS PLOT Properties in 3DS Max

    Hi, Is someone know the meaning of the PLOT parameter in 3DS Max?
  17. BlueMesh

    MSFS Blender Plugin do not export Anisotropic material

    Hi all, I'm actually trying to export an Anisotropic material for my aircraft but any plugin made for blender seems to not export it correctly (MSFS2Blender, FlybyWire, Asobo..). It simply does nothing. When i import a texture in "Anisotropic Direction (RG)" no nodes appears in the shading tab...
  18. L

    MSFS Roughness Clamped Values

    Hi, Something I don't understand is the way how the MSFS Engine is dealing with the roughness. Looks like the roughness values are clamped. It is not a full range between 0-255. I presume it is related to PBR physical correct values and computation optimization (less data to compute if you use a...
  19. J

    How to get white building texture?

    I'm trying to relearn the basics of creating models, so I am experimenting with SketchUp and MCX. If I create an object, use a stock white colour on it, it always seems to have this greyish look to it, I assume from the built in AO and lighting in MSFS. When I look at other scenery I own, it...
  20. E

    MSFS Reading airways

    After some efforts I finally succeeded in reading airways using the FacilityLoader. In order to test it, I used a waypoint I know because it is part of my flight plan. It is DANKS, near Oklahoma City. This waypoint is both on J8 and J152 airways. The problem I have is that I am not sure I get...