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msfs 2020

  1. M

    MSFS Paid position - Approaches code in AFCAD/General AFCAD job

    Hi, We're looking for someone to program approaches in one of our airports. Similar like here. Easily doable within a few hours, including a quick test. If interested please email us: general(at)mkstudios.pl We're also looking for someone to work on Afcads and handcrafting/object placing...
  2. C

    MSFS Stream your own 3D world data into MSFS?

    Hello Flightsimmer, tinkerer, hobbyist and developer. For a project that I am aiming for, I would need some information beforehand regarding the feasibility of my venture. So let's assume I have 3D models of entire cities, entire regions, and various airports. And let's further assume I wanted...
  3. SemiSphere

    MSFS Semisphere-H.Asan Airport-MSFS-Released

    Hello Everyone, We Are Announcing Next Scenery which is Sampit Airport already Released on Onesimstore Here Are The Preview: Any Critics, Review, and Recommendations for next upcoming scenery project, we will consider for improving our products. Thank You for Supporting Us! Link For...
  4. Deano1973

    MSFS html avionics coder required: PAID

    Hi folks, DC Designs are seeking an html coder for creating avionics in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Paid work on a contract basis, and several contracts are available. DM for more information and your experience, immediate start for the right person. We work with a number of artists including...
  5. Quazzy

    MSFS Editing Default Aircraft

    To cut straight to the point, I am looking to replace the default steam attitude indicator with my model of a Garmin G5 in the steam gauge C172. Is this even something that I can do? If I wanted to do something like this, would I have to make my own interior model? How does Black Square do it...
  6. B

    Object imported appears as a tiny invisible cube

    Recently I imported an object from Sketchup to MSFS 2020, but the problem is that when I add it into the scenery, it appears as an extremely tiny tilted cube (see image below). I've minimized the drawcalls in Model Converter X, and also made sure that I got the 3 necessary files (.bin, .xml and...
  7. M

    Questions about importing msfs modle

    I kept using blender2.92+glTF_io_MSFS Add on to import the model file and it worked fine until one day I tried to enter the pmdg737 model and there was a problem with the program. It cannot import any model again, and an error message pops up when importing the model. I uninstalled the program...
  8. L

    Problems Compiling first Jetway

    I've been following Peter Horfeck's Blender Jetway Tutorial for a few days now, but I've been stuck for day trying to figure out the below compiling errors. For some reason MSFS compiler doesn't think my model has faces. These 10 errors correlate to every object within my model jetway. I'm an...
  9. P

    MSFS TOD & N2 via SimConnect

    Hello Everyone, I am creating "talking" checklist in node via SimConnect for PDMG 737-800. I am able to get any SimVar but I did not find anyway to get distance to Top of Descent and value of engines N2 (see below). Does anyone have any luck on getting those outside of the simulator ? Thanks, PC
  10. L

    MSFS Airbus A340-600 for MSFS (freeware > no pay) Modelling, Coding, Information (Very early Stage)

    Hey everyone, Recently i started 3D-modeling an a340-600 for fun and spent some time on it since then because it's quite fun to do. I have limited experience so i got some problems now. Firstly the landing gear, because it's an airliner it's not that easy, but i would like it to look really...
  11. SemiSphere

    MSFS WAHQ-Solo Adisumarmo P3D4-5 MSFS by Semisphere

    Hello Everyone, Introducing Our Recent Development for Flight Simulator Scenery. Which is Solo Adisumarmo by Semisphere (Fomer name FlyDu) We have already released on onesimstore for P3D4-5 and soon will be MSFS Version before releasing the MSFS we would like to share some photo for teaser maybe...
  12. R

    MSFS No thrust on jet engine since and SDK 0.21.00.

    Since the last update I have no thrust on the Jet Engine. Loading the project into the editor messes up the engines.cfg (blanks the fields) Anyone else having issues? Rotorhub
  13. S

    Help In Creating My Own Livery in MSFS SDK - Newbie Question

    Hi, I’m starting to have a play with creating some of my own liveries and I am unable to build the package receiving the following errors in the console: AssetBuilder | Could not find a valid simobject in...
  14. A

    Custom Vehicles they remain motionless..

    Hello everyone. Perhaps you can help solve my problem. I created a bus (as a simobject) and would like it to move using the paths I created for vehicles. As an example for my model, I used ASO_Boarding_Stairs. If I place the bus model on an inclined surface, it interacts perfectly with it...
  15. unc1rlm

    Convert Textures

    If you have a model and the images are called 0/1/2/3/4 jpgs or pngs. with the tool in textures under material So you would rename the textures first and re-export to create a new bin/gltf/xml. so that you don't get an error message in the package tool when you first put the model in the...
  16. R

    MSFS Many airports with no buildings. Please explain.

    I am finding many General Aviation airports are flat and have no buildings. But they have satellite images of buildings. I thought Blackshark AI created buildings where there are satellite images and no Photogrammetry. But lots of my airports have no buildings. And there are buildings in the...
  17. virtuali

    ChatGPT and MSFS developement

    Surely you must all heard of ChatGPT, which has taken the internet by storm in a very short time. I found it very useful to help coding, so I tried asking this question: function showText( msg, timeout, posXRel = 40, posYRel = 40 ) { Coherent.trigger("SHOW_TOOLTIP", 0, msg, posXRel...
  18. M

    MSFS Question to a small XML Change

    Hello, i have a B738 and this is a part of the Behavior XML: <Animation name="738_Rudder" guid="ABC3F7EF-FEE7-4201-EF21-3F22F5641234" length="200" type="Sim" typeparam="AutoPlay" /> <PartInfo> <Name>738_Rudder</Name> <AnimLength>200</AnimLength> <Animation> <Parameter>...
  19. B

    MSFS How to add materials to an imported aircraft?

    Hello, I’ve just imported a FSX aircraft using the legacy converter but it’s textures don’t show any reflection at all (the livery looks like it’s made of concrete). I’ve tried opening the aircraft.cfg file in the Model Converter X, changing the smothness to 1 in all textures and export them...
  20. PhobosDesigns

    MSFS [Deleted]