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msfs 2020

  1. Evilrash

    MSFS Blender model showing white border in MSFS

    When importing the model into the scenery it's showing me only this white border. Also tried to uncheck the Snap to ground option but still the same. Any suggestions? *using latest sdk
  2. E

    MSFS Understanding Virtual File System

    I develop gauges in Javascript. As I came through a strange bug, I used the debugger to place breakpoints here and there. I happened to look into NavSystem.js, a source file provided by Asobo and when I saw it in the debugger, I realized the one I was using was not the original source file...
  3. rhumbaflappy

    MSFS MSFS Update Precautions

    Hi all. March 22 2022 World Update 8. Take precautions. If you have the disk space, copy your MSFS Official and Community folders as a backup. Also, you might want to delay further project development until after a successful update, as updating during the download and installation could cause...
  4. L

    MSFS PLOT Properties in 3DS Max

    Hi, Is someone know the meaning of the PLOT parameter in 3DS Max?
  5. BlueMesh

    MSFS Blender Plugin do not export Anisotropic material

    Hi all, I'm actually trying to export an Anisotropic material for my aircraft but any plugin made for blender seems to not export it correctly (MSFS2Blender, FlybyWire, Asobo..). It simply does nothing. When i import a texture in "Anisotropic Direction (RG)" no nodes appears in the shading tab...
  6. L

    MSFS Roughness Clamped Values

    Hi, Something I don't understand is the way how the MSFS Engine is dealing with the roughness. Looks like the roughness values are clamped. It is not a full range between 0-255. I presume it is related to PBR physical correct values and computation optimization (less data to compute if you use a...
  7. J

    How to get white building texture?

    I'm trying to relearn the basics of creating models, so I am experimenting with SketchUp and MCX. If I create an object, use a stock white colour on it, it always seems to have this greyish look to it, I assume from the built in AO and lighting in MSFS. When I look at other scenery I own, it...
  8. E

    MSFS Reading airways

    After some efforts I finally succeeded in reading airways using the FacilityLoader. In order to test it, I used a waypoint I know because it is part of my flight plan. It is DANKS, near Oklahoma City. This waypoint is both on J8 and J152 airways. The problem I have is that I am not sure I get...
  9. Paddy211185

    MSFS How to set COM_STBY_RADIO_SET (TCalc_004)

    Hello I have downloaded the simconnect TCalc_004 example and am trying in vain to change the standby frequency. Can anyone help me? Thats my code: my_simconnect.MapClientEventToSimEvent((Enum)Form1.EVENTS.KEY_COM1SBset, "COM_STBY_RADIO_SET")...
  10. S

    MSFS Forcing autogen buildings to be region-appropriate?

    Hello, I'm curious - is there a way in MSFS, via a poly or anything else, to force autogen buildings in an area to only be created from a specific library? My specific use case is the villages near all the bush strips in Papua New Guinea. It's great that this sim natively includes hundreds...
  11. kevinmdavis2010

    MSFS Airport Name & Code Update

    Good morning, everyone: I've been playing MSFS 2020 for a while, and I noticed that one of my local airports has changed its real-world code, since the FAA allowed it to be a public airport. Right now, MSFS has the name set us "McDermott Air Park" with the code "31WI." However, since...
  12. PhobosDesigns

    Automated runway ground markings don't work with custom painted line texture

    As the title says, I'm working on a few variations of painted line textures to make the more realistic over time. I did notice though that the automated runway markings go bonkers as soon as I use the HOLD_SHORT lines of any sort. I'm fairly certain these numbers are being yanked automatically...
  13. E

    MSFS Memory sharing in MSFS

    Hi Developers, I would like to ask a general question about memory sharing in MSFS, I mean the way several instruments can share information. Let me explain... In FSX/P3D, the gauges used to be DLLs, and you could have all the gauges of an aircraft grouped into a single DLL (what I usually...
  14. Ironpot

    MSFS Only one side of texture shows

    I have been making a wire fence for use in MSFS. I started out making the wire mesh following UTube videos. Then decided to create the mesh as a texture. In Blender it only shows on one side. Rotating the object, it’s completely transparent on the other side. Is there some setting I have...
  15. Ironpot

    MSFS ADE2021 HF3 and 2Way

    Hi Jon. Had my first real issue yesterday. Whereby I inadvertently clicked save on the ADE airport without MSFS in Dev mode. When I opened the project in DEV (without realising the stuff missing/changed) and compiled. Now you’ll probably know all this but: 1. VASI lost 2. All my lines that were...
  16. V

    ngons vs quads when modelling for MSFS 2020

    Hello all members! Need your help in clarification of the topic subject. Currently in development of the aircraft for MSFS 2020, and in process of modelling cockpit interior. How do You approach hard surface modelling for MSFS 2020? Do You much care of quads? Or is it just enough to use...
  17. Luicid

    MSFS [CLOSED] Airport Services - GA_MEDIUM Has no small pushback available

    Hello, I created a AirportServices asset in my Airport and I see it in the layout.json so it is reconized. However, when I spawn at a RAMP_GA_MEDIUM, I see no small pushback available (ATC tell me no one is available), even if I have filled the services.xml to do so What did I do wrong ...
  18. wood_cockpit

    MSFS problems accessing aircraft nav data

    Hi there, I wrote a program in C++ that successfully accesses aircraft instrument data, but when I try to access any other data, all I get is 0. Here is a snippet of the code: enum DATA_DEFINE_ID{ DEFINITION_1, DEFINITION_2, }; enum DATA_REQUEST_ID{ REQUEST_1, REQUEST_2...
  19. Hans Humblet

    MSFS What SDK engine parameters affect manifold pressure?

    I'm trying to model an engine and although I'm getting close to the real thing, the manifold pressure reading is too low. I'm reading values from about 4.0 inHg up to about 18 inHg. The engine I'm modeling should read something in between 25 (1400 RPM) and 42 (6400 PRM). What are parameters...
  20. Hans Humblet

    Dual bus avionics - How??

    Is there anyone who can help me with an issue I have with multiple Avionics circuits? I have 2 separate avionics circuits which can be activated with 2 separate switches. I have my model set-up (different node id's for the switches and different animation names - triple checked this). I...