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msfs 2020

  1. Evilrash

    MSFS Model not showing colors in MSFS

    Hellow everyone, I am pretty new in blender so please don't mind my questions. I had made a model in blender 2.9 and used diffuse bsdf for coloring it. When exported to msfs it only shows me the shape but the colors are absent. If anyone can guide me on this.. ill be thankful
  2. Ironpot

    MSFS Help with Blender Textures

    Hi All, Pretty new to this and I have been working on modelling a Lighthouse Keepers cottage and have imported to MSFS 2020 - yes there are some obvious things wrong but the main things I'm seeing and need help with are: The brick texture on the front faces of the walls and chimney(s) appear to...
  3. B

    MSFS Ground services missing event IDs

    Hello, I cannot find the event ID for the Ground power unit, Baggage and Catering cars. Can some one help me out which event id and event names these ground services uses? I am thankful for any help!
  4. B

    MSFS Pushback Tug connect and wait issue.

    Hello, The pushback tug is really a tricky one. I am trying to simulate a tug connect and wait scenario but unfortunately the tug starts with the pushback as soon as it is connected. I have also tried to set the tug speed to zero but that doesnt stops the tug from pushing! Can some one help me...
  5. E

    MSFS Where is the code for "aircraft logic"?

    I don't know if this post should be here or in the "aircraft design" section. My question is about the aircraft "logic", to know where it is located. What I mean here is the code that is executed to manage some aircraft system that is not related to any display. I am especially interested in the...
  6. Ironpot

    Blender Blender light bleed in MSFS

    Hi. I have been following Flying Theston’s video of adding a light animation to my lighthouse. I can do it all ok as per the instructions but when I bring in the Point Light, it bleeds up and down at least half way down the tower. Does anyone know how to quell it down? I have set it to 50w but...
  7. E

    MSFS Event management

    I am building an alternative PFD for the Asobo A320 Neo in JavaScript, for training purpose. It works quite well but I still have questions about the interaction between the virtual cockpit and the instrument code in JS. I found out some interactions works through local variables (L:vars) but I...
  8. M

    MSFS Adding Generic Buildings

    I am trying to add generic buildings at my airport but the building does not show up in MSFS. Is this something that is still in the works? Pramod
  9. kevinmdavis2010

    Blank Taxiways

    Good morning, Since I've used MSFS, it seems like the ATC a lot of the airports - both default and addon - never tell you what taxiway to use (i.e. "Cessna 123AB taxi to runway 19R, contact Tower on 124.575 when ready."). Normally, the default ATC would issue taxiway instructions. Is this a...
  10. kevinmdavis2010

    MSFS Generic Callsigns

    Good morning, I've been using the live traffic feature of MSFS, but I noticed that the default ATC calls the aircraft types "Generic" no matter what type of aircraft it is (i.e. "Generic N123AB, climb and maintain 10,000."). Is this something I can edit, or is this a problem with the...
  11. GOFS_ZA

    MSFS Slew Mode --> slower and precise movement

    I've just gotten Fs2020 to run on my desktop, however are having problems with slew mode - the movements are too fast and too large, to accurately move around. Has anyone found a solution to this ? to either slow down the movement to be more accurate or through an external application?
  12. M

    MSFS MSFS: Definition of Lines and Surfaces

    I have created two files (attached) which define some of the lines and surface textures in pictures, hope these can be of some help to others.
  13. L

    MSFS VASI not showing the 3d object.

    Hi, I have a problem with a scene that worked before SDK0.12 but not now anymore. My VASI lights are only showing the light effect and not the 3d object anymore. Plus the spacing parameter is not working. Tweaking this parameter have no effect on it. Any idea why?
  14. L

    MSFS Custom marking atlas manipulation

    Hi, I am trying to use a custom sheet of marking and use an apron to "pick" the good asset. Like the one used/provide by Asobo. It is kind of difficult to deal with. Do you have any advice for this kind of situation? I played with Local UV, UV tiling option of the apron's option but did not...
  15. M

    MSFS Best way of testing SimObjects - Specifically Jetways

    So I have finally managed to get my custom jetway working, but it is such a pain having to edit the 3ds file, export, close the sim, add to comm folder, open up airport, test, and do all over again for every change. Is there a way (within the editor) to test simobjects without having to leave...
  16. D

    blender object to msfs size to big

    Hello, I am a beginner in blender and fs2020 SDK... I designed a simple taxiway bridge .. nothing special (see the picture) , no texture applied yet... and i want to export it using Blender2MSFS tool. when i press export... computer stuck... looks like the object i am try to export is so...
  17. hoynedawg

    MSFS Apron textures LOD to pink

    Hey guys since the latest game update I've noticed some of my apron textures are turning pink when far enough away. Has anyone else expirenced this? Seems to be both base game and custom textures but only affecting rectangle aprons. any help would be appriciated. Thanks!!
  18. yorgosGK

    Custom Edge Lights with Emissives

    Project I am working on requires precise placement of edge lights (you can see their placement even on real life satellite imagery). I modeled and textured an edge light with emissives (with a day/night cycle) and added a soft point light to the model to mimic the real life representation. All...
  19. C

    Can´t see Blender objects in MSFS2020

    Hi; I have been trying to export Blender Models to MSFS following the Flying THeston videos. Sometimes. I could do it, but some times (many) I am not able to see my models in the SIM. I did it the same many, many, many times, and sometimes I got it, but many, no. I am going crazy. I have Blender...
  20. yorgosGK

    Comparing the 3 ways to texture the ground...

    There are pro's and cons for every method of ground texturing. Firstly I put all three options side by side (for what it's worth this is just a flat plane textured in Substance). Right off the bat we can see how awesome the Scenery object renders in the game's engine. If only the other 2...