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msfs 2020

  1. S

    MSFS Electric Pylons

    Afternoon everyone! Quick question. I'm making a fictional airport using ADE alpha 16, I have put in an exclusion poly, to exclude base scenery stuff, but it didn't exclude the electricity pylons, so I tried using a exclusion rectangle and got the same result. :-( Any ideas? Many thanks Steve
  2. Insidious87

    MSFS Crashes with custom scenery

    Hi all! Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but it started on February 12th 2020 for me. I know the was preparation for an updategoing on. When I add a package to my community folder then start the game. The game will load, and I can select my airport it loads to about 95% then...
  3. hoynedawg

    MSFS [Released] NZNS - Nelson, New Zealand | NZA Simulations

    NZA Simulations are super excited to announce development has started on NZNS Nelson New Zealand, a new payware release. Here is a little teaser of the progress so far. We would also like to thank Blake and Terry for all of their hard work in helping NZA get to this point.
  4. T

    Interior vs Exterior

    I started working on my interior more recently. It was originally part of my main file that included everything, so I could fit it together in one piece. It made sense to me at the time to keep everything together. Then, a few weeks ago, I detached the interior and sent it to a separate master...
  5. F

    MSFS Need help with SimVars in MFS2020

    Hello. I've been developing software that needs to track the plane data from the sim, and I've been having some issues getting the correct values for the SimVars from the sim. My program is in C++ (though I mainly do C-styled coding because it's all I really know. I haven't been able to find...
  6. kevinmdavis2010

    CFG Files

    Good evening, everyone! At first, I joined this site to learn about designing and editing airports when I used P3d, which had very outdated versions. However, since FS2020 uses satellite imagery along with the fact that buildings are solid objects now, so you can land on the roof of any...
  7. G

    Smoke from Blender to MSFS

    Hi, i try now days to get my Blender Smoke to MSFS. does anybody know how to? gv
  8. Quazzy

    Setting simVars C++

    Having troubles finding how to set simVars that are not in the EVENT_ID'S (http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv3/LearningCenter/utilities/variables/event_ids.html). I am wanting to set the "RECIP ENG MANIFOLD PRESSURE:1" which is classified as settable in the simVars documentation...
  9. A

    Paid Project - New MSFS Airport Scenery (detailed 3d models already made)

    Dear all - I have emailed the world looking for a capable developer to support my project but to no avail! I am planning to develop airports across Iran starting with OIIE. I have a team already building detailed models of the terminals, hangers etc, but need an expert who can import these in...
  10. A

    MSFS Painted Hatch Areas Texture

    hi! Does anyone know which texture file it pulls the hatched are lines from? the red is too vibrant, and i have edited many of the textures for other painted lines, but hatched areas won't let me change the materials. Thank you!
  11. A

    MSFS Blender and Taxilines For MSFS

    Hello all, I am having a bit of trouble with many aspects of modeling taxi lines and edge lines in blender. First off, I am a beginner in this, and have been watching and practicing for many hours now, and have started to get a grip of things. I am in the process of exporting my models into MSFS...
  12. thetford569

    MSFS UV Layout, Space, and Substance Painter

    I am using Blender and after UV unwrapping I am using Substance Painter to create my textures. During the unwrap and when lining up the UV shells like I want them on the texture sheet do I need to leave space between the UV shells? Or will substance painter be able to handle things right up...
  13. D

    MSFS making weather with seamless textures?

    Hi, I am very new to scenery development, after many many hours to learn creating models with blender works meanwhile quite well. I am just totally unsure what is the best workflow for texturing. Sorry for a total noob question, but how do i get dirt and rust etc. on a roof that is created...
  14. L

    MSFS Debug views (3D visualization)

    Hey guys, I cant quite get my head around the debug views we get with MSFS aircraft editor. In some screenshots from the SDK i can see the debug view working great, with proper positions of contact points, engines, wing geometry, forces etc. But whenever i do use it, everything seems to be way...
  15. Z-Man Barzell

    FUEL CROSS FEED in SimVar Watcher

    Has anyone had issues trying to get the FUEL CROSS FEED simulation variable changing in the SimVar Watcher when the switch it flipped in the HUD (using 787 Dreamliner)? It shows as an Enum with, I assume, values of 0 and 1 for on and off like other switches I have got working on the HUD. Is...
  16. S

    How to exclude stock roads and lights?

    Hi all, I have modelled a UK pier which has a road running along its length. In the sim the Bing Maps/MSFS roads and lighting ruin the effect of my pier at night. Is there any way I can exclude the road and its streetlamps, which are sunken beneath the water?. I tried an exclude polygon but...
  17. S

    MSFS Unable to build package

    Hi all, need a little help here.... I am having trouble building a scenery package. I have already done 4 sceneries and I am using exactly the same method. Here is the output from the console... " PackageBuilder | Reading C:\Users\keith\Desktop\Ryde Pier\RydePier\RydePier.xml... PackageBuilder...
  18. F

    Texturing Hard Surfaces

    Hi all, I've posted before with some questions that I've managed to figure out but I'm still struggling with a certain aspect of texture creation for my airport (I have a thread on the MSFS forum where I post progress). Texturing buildings is relatively straightforward, I've figured out UV...
  19. R

    MSFS Thoughts on modelling a large non-flat airport

    Hello FS Developers! I am looking for recommendations or thoughts on my current project in MSFS. I am building a custom addon for a rather large airport. I have got a lot of reference material and commercial aerials so no shortage of detail. My question is around modelling things like large...
  20. FlightLevel24

    MSFS LYVR Vrsac Aviation Academy

    Hi guys and firstly I would say I am quite grateful for this community because since MSFS is realised I learned a lot of new things. There are a lot of great scenaries already so it's time to share with you my wip airport. It's an airport in my hometown well known as flight academy and I decided...