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MSFS Removing Runway and Taxiway under image

I might be losing it….
The runways and taxiways in my airport (2wayedit is on) shows the underlying markings that I don’t seem to be able to remove. I’ve added aprons over the top and coloured them (and correct priority) but whilst they have “dulled” them, they’re still visible. Could it be Photographic mode (or whatever it’s called from the Options menu) in MSFS options or something I’m totally missing?
Obviously ADE shows nothing underlying but Dev mode and compiled (from both) shows it through.
Any thoughts?


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If the problem is photogrammetry, you might be able to remove it with a polygon using exclude TIN. A quick way to check might be to turn off photogrammetry in MSFS' options.
I've got the same problem at KCRP Corpus Christi, that you commented on earlier. The TIN exclude doesn't help, I still get bleed through in aprons and runway objects from the poorly rendered underlying scenery. Worse yet, it appears my problem is a sawtooth pattern between two different satellite images with different gamma or saturation. Just happens to be my home base LOL.


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KCRP is a photogrammetry bug in the sim. I think I sent it to the zendesk. You could send it as well, so maybe it gets some attention.
Dick, I turned off the photogrammetry (overall) but it made no difference and honestly, that would require all users to do the same. I then tried a few polys as suggested turning off TIN and again, nothing. I then turned off "Bing Data World Graphics" and that made some difference but the comparison below between the richness with it on against without is great and it doesn't really remove everything anyway. That solution too would require all users to disable the option.



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Hi Philip. ZIp the project and attach it. It might just be a bug in the sim.
Hi Dick and thanks. It's by no means finished and there are plenty of aprons over aprons here and there. I've only attached the source. It uses default scenery except for a couple included. This is the DEV copy which is essentially the same as the ADE 2way version and both show the same result.
While we're at it, I noticed with interest your comments regarding Helipad textures ( https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/helipads.450491/#post-886082 )
I was wondering if you know how to modify the Parking spot numbers - by default they use Black on yellow (See Gate 41)

but I want Yellow on Black.

That texture appears in the Base_Materials but there doesn't seem to be anyway to select it or change it. Using your method would I assume change it for EVERY airport (assuming I could do it that way) which I don't want to do. Any thoughts?
The other thing is the parking space numbers appear to only allow Numeric. So how would I get 41A in Gate G for example?


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OMG... :eek: :laughing:
Yes it is....
Solved and my thanks. How did you know that?
Actually, I like the effect given by ground merging since it makes the asphalt look more like it does in real life, but I realize that numbers, lines or parked aircraft tend to bleed through sometimes requiring some doctoring with patches.