I need some help.
First, sorry for my poor English but I'm sure you will understand what I have to explain.
I'm trying to add a line in an apron but I cannot see it when I open the edit window. I only see a few dots, not a line, as it should be.
What's wrong am I doing?
Can anybody help me?
Thank you.


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Mario, the GP Editor screen does not look normal for a GP line. I need your .ad4 file in order to understand what you have done and why the display is as it is.


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What's next? The tool bar is as attached.

What that post was saying is that the GP Editor image you posted initially could not have been prompted by the file you sent. Perhaps when you found things didn't turn out as expected you neglected to save the file that did prompt that image


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Draw your lines/polys with ADE using the GP Line/Poly functions.

You can find the ADE-GP user manual in the ADE\Manuals folder.


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How to draw a GP line on an apron. in ADE

1. Create the apron.
2. Click on the button that has a tooltip saying "Add Custom Ground Line" - it has a picture of a line and a cross with a little "G" underneath it.
3. Draw your line - (left) click, click to create the first segment, click again to create the next segment, etc. Double click the last point to end the line.
4. The GP Line Editor will appear. Set the Line Width.
5. Choose the Main Texture.
6. Select the Line Pattern/Style. If this list is empty, then you have not chosen a Line texture.
7. When you do this, your line will suddenly become a vertical line - that's OK.
8. If you wish your line to have an "edge" on both sides (like a black edging on both sides), set the Backing Width and Select a Backing texture. If not, leave them blank.
9. Click OK.
Hello Tom!
I was not hear from for a long time.
Thanks for the tips. I was just finishing redo the project in a new "page".
So far, is working.