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AmbientOcclusion Error

Error Loading File AmbientOcclusionEx.rb
undefined method `[]' for #<LanguageHandler:0xfe7dce0 @strings={}>

I have Sketchup 8.01 and added the AmbientOcclusion plugin and get the above error when attempting to load up Sketchup.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you

Hi Randy:

* Please tell us what the proper name is for the version of the plugin you are using (there are at least 3 different ones).

* What numeric version of Sketchup are you you using, and where did you download it ?

This 'may' be a Ruby version compatibility error in the language handling routines required for ex: Sketchup version-8.


I recommend that you register and post your question in the support forum for the plugin that (IIUC) you are using.


The support documents and FAQ for that application are here:


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Gary, the install directions are very vauge as to how to install this as well. I have followed the instructions on the Home page with no luck.

Is there a totally free edition of this type of plugin.


Hi Randy:

In Sketchup version-8:

1.) Sketchup Menu > Window > Preferences > {Left Pane} > Extensions > click [Install Extensions] button < browse dialog opens >

a.) In [Install Extensions] browse dialog:

(1) Navigate to the path of the *.RBZ installer for this plugin

(2) Click on the *.RBZ file to select it

(3) Click [Open] button in that browse dialog to start installation

(4) Click [Yes] button when prompted: "Do you want to install this plugin ?"

(5) Click [OK] button to complete the install

NOTE: Some plugins after installed into version-8, require that Sketchup be fully re-started before they are available to use;
in rare cases, legacy plugins originally coded for Sketchup version-8 and updated to later versions, also require such a re-start.

If the above does not work for you, let me know, and we can use a relatively simple (old) manual method of installation into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins\ ...sub-folder chain

FYI: A *.RBZ is a ZIP-ed archive of file(s)- and sometimes folders- to be extracted into Sketchup's "plugins" sub-folder chain

Make a copy of the *.RBZ file and re-name it to *.ZIP, and its contents are then accessible via normal archive utilities. ;)


Gary, the install directions are very vague as to how to install this as well. I have followed the instructions on the Home page with no luck.

Is there a totally free edition of this type of plugin.



AFAIK, the only other "totally free" Sketchup plugin of this type, "Kerkythea" is rather complex to learn and use. :alert:

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Thank you for your help.

I tried that method and I do not see in the drop down menus where the plugin in is.

Hi again:

Have you read the manual ? :scratchch


"Modes of operation
AmbientOcclusion has four modes of operation, “Render Viewport”, “Render Window”, “Render Animation” (Ex version only), “Batch Render”, accessible through the the Extension menu and partially through the AmbientOcclusion Toolbar:"


If the plugin Ruby scripts and all required files are installed, and Sketchup has been re-started, you should see the above.

If you have followed the above install procedures, but do not see the above, there is a problem that requires troubleshooting.

PS: Be sure that Sketchup is "Run as administrator" so it can access Windows' "system" folder chains for the current user.


As indicated in the thread where this topic originated from:


...one must manually map the exported 2D texture image (with AO "baked" in) onto a 3D model.

IIRC, "LightUp!" for Sketchup can internally re-map 2D texture images with AO "baked" in onto a 3D model.

IIUC, the more recent successor to 'Kerkythea', called "Thea Render" may also have that ability.

AFAIK, in both cases, the external 'rendering application' performs the task, and exports a 3D model file.