P3D v3 AZA Mesa Gateway V2

Hey all, Ryan here looking for some motivation regarding my project that I've been working on.

Being a full time ramp agent right now, I'll do my best to deliver this project to you hopefully soon. In the mean time, pics...!

Some of this Movement area work.


Updated ground polys.

That looks fabulous. Congratulations!
I see your edges are made separately. Don't forget you can select the edge of the taxiway/runway/apron, create shape (linear) and loft that shape. Too late now though! ;)
Flew an Extra 300 at that airport (Fighter Intl). It was such a great experience. Very busy airport. Looking good.
Thank you gentlemen. AZA is an amazing airport, I even got a tour from the airport director there back in November. I was able to get much needed pictures and hopefully I can bust this scenery out to you all soon. Now if only the Maddog worked in P3D :eek:

Mesa Gateway has a unique terminal area. After checking your bags you are introduced into a desert oasis while to transition to your terminal. I plan to recreate the feeling as you pull up in your plane and see the beautiful palms behind the fence.