P3D v3 BGL2XML : differences in final .xml file

Good day,

New to .bgl file thingies...

Running here Win10 x64 Home and P3D v3.
2 days ago, I have been wishing to install a new airport, namely LFSL, now Brive-Souillac (or Brive Vallée de la Dordogne), whereas FSX and P3D still have this ICAO identifier for the Toul Rosieres AB, now closed.
(both LFSL appearing in the airport selection list...)

Used Bgl2Xml to get the .xml file out of the APX49140.bgl (save models ticked), amended the Toul ICAO Id to LFZ9, recompiled using Xml2Bgl. When firing up P3D, I found that LFZ9 had lost the fuel station, and that for instance LFQB (Troyes Barberey) had lost the control tower sitting on top of a flat roof building.
I must say I could not recompile with the FSX SDK BglComp due to some MSXML issue. Therefore used the P3D SDK BglComp.

I later run again the whole process, this time simply deleting the Toul Rosieres data from the .xml file before re-compiling, but with the same result, understand some scenery objects disappearing from the final .bgl
The only way for me to get things OK was to use SDE v1.00, opening the APX49140.bgl, deleting the LFSL airport from the .xml file, saving the .xml and closing SDE. Then firing-up Xml2Bgl, and using the P3D v3 SDK BglComp.
And now I only have the actual LFSL in the airport selection screen...

Today, I extracted again xml data from the APX49140.bgl, using first Bgl2Xml 1.50, then Bgl2Xml 1.60.
Comparing both resulting files,
* a fair number of DrawDetail, or DrawSurface statements mentionned FALSE by 1.50, and TRUE by 1.60
* for some airports, TaxiwaySign statements were duplicated in v1.60, as if scanned two times, but in the same order apparently.

I reckon I am a complete newbie in using these various tools, and have possibly been doing something wrong, but would be glad to bring some more knowledge to my remaining neurones... ;)

Thank you for your comprehension and assistance



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Why are you extracting XML to modify a stock airport? ADE will do all this for you. Differences like DrawSurface and DrawDetail are to support P3D
Thank you for your return. I have been experimenting with these very new tools to me.
For differences between 1.50 and 1.60 .xml files, duly noted.
For LFSL, I also experimented with stock APX49140.bgl to delete stock LFSL, refering to an airport (Toul Rosieres AB, France east) that is closed since now a couple of years, and was, if I do remember right, converted to a photovoltaic field, in order to instal the new LFSL scenery (this ICAO code referring now to Brive-Souillac airport, France south-west) released by Occitania - see http://occitania.gratisim.fr/
Using SDE, I could only delete the closed airport, but could not recompile (MSXML issue). Thus saved xml and recompiled separately, the targetted result being to have only one LFSL airport installed and avoid any duplicates in ICAO codes.
But am just considering I should also delete LFBV, former Brive La Roche, also closed now, due to IATA code BVE being transferred to the new LFSL...
Will also have to check convenient way to amend the airport list in AIFP.
And of course, all original files are backed-up!
Thank you for your attention


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I would certainly consider using Airport Design Editor rather than Bgl2Xl and SDE. SDE is very old and was only experimental. ADE has been in development for more than 10 years and it is probably fair to say that a majority of current addon airports are created with it. In fact Lockheed Martin have licenses for ADE - not in the P3D team but in another project which is developing a next generation fighter plane. You might want to give it a go ;)