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FSX Bgl2xml : fs9 or fsx ?

Hi Jon,
I get many object placement files compiled in fsx using Instant scenery.
When trying to decompile with latest release of bgl2xml, sometimes (often) file is detected as FS9 compiled bgl, sometimes as FSX compiled.
I coundn't figure out why, nor if there is a workaround to have my bgl read as FSX files.
Can you help ?
Thank you
Not really. The program looks at the file and can generally tell what version it was compiled for. However if there are no distinguishing marks to say FSX then perhaps it gets it wrong. Also it is not really important if the file works in the selected sim version
Thank you.
But what are you calling "distinguishing marks" ? I tried a file with a FSX <NoAutogenSuppression/> tag and compiled with fsx bglcomp, but it was seen as FS9 and decompiled with fs9 Guid format !
I don't understand
Each section of the bgl file has an ID identified. Some of these are the same in FS9 compiled files and some are different. The decompiler looks at the IDs and based on them determines the most likely compiler. For example the library object placement code section of a FS9 bgl file has the ID 0x02. In a FSX compiled bgl file is is 0x0b. An airport header has the ID 0x03 in FS9 and 0x3C in FSX. As far as I know the header bytes are the same for FS9 and FSX so we have to search for these differences. If you are decompiling something that does not have any differences in ID then we have an evens chance of getting it wrong.

If you send me an example of the files that you have issue with then I will take a look at them - jon AT scruffyduck DOT co DOT uk