P3D v2 Blend mask issue

Hi all,

I have installed P3Dv2 and want to use the photo sceneries I have made for FSX (some airstrips located on small islands in south Bretagne, France).

My sceneries were made with FSET, Photoshop, then bitmaps and masks were resampled together etc. and all is fine and beautiful with FSX SP2. My photoscenery blends very well in the ocean, one can see through shallow waters etc.

I did declare the same sceneries, in the right order, into P3Dv2. The result is bad, because the nice smooth transparent and progressive blending is totally lost. Where it used to be a smooth gradient between land and deep water in FSX, it's now a harsh cutout.

I tried many kinfs of mask colors, of mask transparency, I used of course the resampler from P3Dv2 SDK, then the one from FSX sp2 SDK (just in case it could work better) : no joy.

And I can't understand why the smooth integration in FSX is lost when resampled for P3Dv2.

Any clue ? I'm getting mad ! :p

Look at the difference !

Just curious here, do you have Bathymetry enabled in the Display settings? Wondering if this might interfere with blending masks?
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Bathymetry on/off makes no difference.

But it appears that it's a known bug of P3D2, as I posted the same into the P3D scenery design support forum and got 2 answers from guy at 29Palms and Iris, who have met the same problem.

And the answer from the guys at LM is: will'fix that in P3D v2.1

Good news is that I'm not totally stupid, bad news is that we'll have to wait for a corrected resampler. :(
The coolest part of all this is that there are Developers working to improve P3D v2. Good to hear the mask issue will be addressed in the 2.1 update.