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Blender to FSX Toolset


as I am aware, when we checked the radio button in FSX Materials Params in Blender2fsx toolset, it means the result will be TRUE.

But for No Base Material Specular, I found that if it left untick, the MCX setting shows TRUE and only if we thick it it shows FALSE. I think the setting should be vice versa



Sorry if I am wrong. Hope to get solution for it. Thanks.
I am using blender 2.78 and Blender2FSX 0.85. I can export to FSX mdl file, no problem, but the reverse operation fail. The message talk about P3D import. What is wrong? It seems the toolkit export in FSX mdl file and import P3D mdl file. Is this correct?



Resource contributor
It's me again..... This time I am getting this error when I try to export with animation, I exported successfully without the animations
What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance !



Resource contributor
HI Osian!

Make sure that you have keyframes for all items that you have an animation tag. If not you will get an error.

Thanks, Kris


Resource contributor
HI Osian!

Make sure that you have keyframes for all items that you have an animation tag. If not you will get an error.

Thanks, Kris
Thanks :D somehow every part of my model got the N1 0 still animation tag, even the fuselage :p I dont know how it happened. Anyway thanks again !


Resource contributor
And .... be sure to alway start the animation sequence of your moving parts on keyframe 0, ZERO, NULL
since Blender has a build-in habbit of starting from keyframe 1, ONE :-}
Hello, I want to ask you which version of Blender is suitable for Blender2FSX_0703, and which version of the FSX SDK is suitable, or the SDK of P3d V3.I used Blender2.79 and Blender2.77, and I have "SDK not choosen" every time.


Resource contributor
Go to the T-tab, last tab should be FSX toolset. There you can set the SDK location and modeldef.xml manually or automatically and initialize the toolset.