Blender2FSX Toolset - "Installation and Configuration guide" - Request for feedback!


Resource contributor

Hello (soon to be) "Blender-ing" Fsdevelopers :)
I have created a series of 6 small documents that are intended to get everyone (newcomers and experienced modelers)
up to speed in a uniform way when it comes to:
- Installing and configuring Blender (v2.77a),
- Installing and configuring the Blender2FSX scripts (on computer and inside Blender),
- Installing the ModelConvertorX tool

- Lots of links to relevant:
-> websites,
-> ebooks
-> youtube videos
to get you going quickly with Blender (from "absolute beginner" to "advanced modeling" level)

I've also included "Developer grade background material" links to "the heavy stuff" like:
- Internal file formats (Blender, X, XToMdl.exe, FSX)
- Python documentation, tutorials
- Blender Python - API interface
- Blender Python - add-on script creation

And last but not least and this is why I want to ask your cooperation, to complete it:
A series of (soon to be expanded) checklists for every stage of the Blender2FSX Aircraft creation workflow.

You can download this package (still in draft!) via this link (pdf format, 5mb size)


If you have the time, like to contribute to these documents...
Download the zipfile, read it and post every kind of feedback you have on its contents under this initial posting.

So I can continue to upgrade this document in order to create a "Blender2FSX - Quick Starter Package"
which can be used in combination with Krispy1001's excellent B2FSX video series.

Thanks for your feedback!