Can I put parking spots with numbers and leters?

My question is in regardwith parking stand numbering. It's kinda intuitive that you can number the stands, but theres a lot of airports with a combination of leters and numbers, as in the atachment (E7, 11A, etc). Is there any way to number them acordingly? Thanks!


Oh, that's clever! Does the sim reads it as H2? For spots as 21A would you recommend the same or is there anything similar?
unfortunately FS/P3D does read only Letter-Number such as Gate A1, A2, and so on, no way to put something like gate A1L, A1R etc.
I once used this trick, real life parkings were something like A1L, A1, A1R (left and right), i did it with A111, A1, A112, it is not realistic, but it is what it is.
I'm wondering if this is a FS/P3D intrinsic limitation or whether ADE can be re-designed to allow gates such as A1L, A1R and so on.