Current aircraft position

Question: Is there a key combination to copy the current FSUIPC generated position of FS a/c to the clipboard so it may be available to paste in ADE?

Good points but I am thinking from a perspective of ground layout development and this would be a very good addition as a keystroke (similar to the "m" keystroke).

Place the aircraft where you want it.

Alt+Tab to ADE.

Click on the point you want located where the plane is.

Press F4 and the point will move to the plane's location.

There are other options, F5 changes the object's heading to match the plane's heading without moving the object.

F6 moves the object to the plane's location and matches the plane's heading, great for placing parking spots.

These hotkeys, and many more, are listed at the end of the manual.

Thanks those are all known to me. The move to aircraft works well but my idea was different and would add greater functionality.



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Can you give an example where this is needed and Move to Aircraft doesn't do the same thing? Just curious.


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It is possible to copy coordinates between objects. But not from the aircraft position. For that we have move to aircraft which is quicker than copy and paste. However I would be interested in an example also.