FS2004 Default Taxisign Nightlighting

It seems to me that once upon a time my default taxisigns in both FS2004 and FSX had nightlighting so they were readable when taxiing at night. Maybe that was just an illusion or I was seeing a lighted taxisign at a payware or really good freeware airport.

At any rate, I no longer...if ever in fact...see default lighted taxisigns at night in either FS2004 or FSX. I looked at the texture folders for both and the default signs for both platforms use the texture "aptsigns.bmp" to texture the signs. In neither platform do I see an "aptsigns_LM.bmp" or "aptsigns_L.bmp" texture, which on the surface kinda explains why I don't see lighted default signs at night...and maybe never did.

What object...and where is it filed...displays the various default taxisigns throughout FS2004 and FSX for the texture to render upon? Has anyone experimented with creating a light map of the "aptsign.bmp" texture and used MCX to apply it to the default taxisigns?

I started my FS9 and FSX and went to KBHM which I know is default on both sims, set the time to dusk and created these two screenshots. They look like they are lit up to me. I haven't modified or created anything related to aptsigns.bmp

Thanks Ed,

I never thought to go to a "known" default airport. I've been slowly getting both FS9 and FSX airports up to the most current layout using ADE9X for a long time now. Just got PANC up to the layout according to the 1712 AIRAC charts and noticed my taxi lights were dark and unreadable at night...and "night" happens a lot at Anchorage this time of year.

I'll give some thought to where I can look at a purely default airport and post back here. Could be something in ADE is "breaking" the lighting effect of the signs.


Edit: Well now I just feel silly. I went to several default airports in both FSX and FS2004 and, of course, there were the lighted taxisigns in all their "lit up" glory. Went back to PANC and found them "lit up" as well. Digging deeper I suddenly realized I had placed several with ADE on the right side...facing right...so I was looking at their backside, not the lit side. How embarrassing.
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