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MSFS Developer camera controls - If you didn't know, now you know!

Just a quick little bit of info for those that don't know:

Alt + Left mouse orbit's camera
Alt + Middle mouse pan's camera
Alt + Right mouse or Middle mouse scroll dolly/zoom/etc
Tilde toggles the console window
Middle mouse click on a selected object cycles through move / scale / rotate

Figured someone will appreciate this.
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I appreciate it. The other keyboard shortcuts aren't documented that well either and I figured them out by hitting every key and many of the combinations.
If you open up the dev camera while in the world map you'll end up in the hangar. But if you turn 90 degrees to the right and go till you see space, then you should be greeted with the earth in front of you. This can be used to make an overview map like what the game is doing with the bush flight loading screens. Normally taking the camera up in space doesnt work because the ground draw distance is capped.
E and W switch between rotating an object and moving an object along an axis. If an axis has black dashes, then you have to move the object along that axis by grabbing the appropriately colored square. If the square is not visible, change the viewpoint until you can see it. It's been posted in a different thread, but for completeness, when drawing aprons and polygons, CTL-left mouse button adds points.

When adding a new object, in one click placement mode, select an object and it will display as a preview in the center of the view. While in the Object window, you can change the scale and rotation of the object before placing . Once you move the mouse out of the Object window, you can place the object at the correct location, scaled and rotated properly.


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Very useful thanks - I managed to forget how to control the camera yesterday :(
Middle mouse click on a selected object cycles through move / scale / rotate

Tilde toggles the console window
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But what about controlling the camera (well, the pilot's head) *programmatically*, from an add-on? (A SimConnect client.) Am I right in reading the documentation that there are no variables to control that? Weird. How do these commercial head tracking things then work?
Same. The xbox controller is incredibly useful for getting around and easily checking your work from all angles. Well worth the investment.

Its also one of the best ways to use the drone camera in game