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OI I am trying to create static aircraft for the scenery of the aeroclub in my city it happens that when importing an aircraft for sketchup using the MCX the textures were not mapped correctly. Person helps everyone.



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Along with MCX and SketchUp, what Graphics Editor are you using (such as, GIMP or Photoshop)? In what form is the static aircraft being imported from (dae or obj?).
Thanks for the answer Pyscen, the static aircraft and a fsx defualt aircraft and I imported the mdl file into the MCX and converted the textures to the BMP format then exported to the sketchup the 3ds max file using the MCX.


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The dds format will be vertically flipped, so you would need to unflip them before converting them to Bmp.
Hi, I did the procedure you gave me, but I didn't have any results. I would like you to guide me how I can texture the model using sketchup if possible.

If you wish to save some work, simply schedule a default Piper PA-28 Cherokee for an AI Traffic flight at least 1x a week.

And if you only need another repaint, you can edit a copy of the textures, keeping image pixel counts / sizes and UVW mapping the same

FYI: The texture Materials are already mapped onto the 3D model and may not need to be manually re-mapped. :pushpin:

Thus, you can use MCX to convert *.DDS to *.BMP textures when the 3D model is exported to *.OBJ or *.DAE, and when imported into Sketchup your textures should all be intact.

NOTE: MCX may incur a read error when attempting to import / export / re-import as *.3DS for this FSX default aircraft MDL

Alternatively you can use Don Grovestine's SAMM to do this conversion: :idea:

BTW: Do you instead need to change 3D model Geometry of a Piper PA-28 Cherokee to a EMB-712 Tupi (PA-28-181) ? :scratchch

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Thanks friends for the instructions thanks to you I made progress in the manufacture of my scenery of the aeroclub of my city. I managed to put two aircraft inside the hangar 01 I'm sending photos of how it was but taking advantage of your instructions I will try to improve the scenario even more.
Air Club.jpg