-Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

I suspect they only selected those they liked and those they felt would give THEM the "biggest bang for their buck"... in other words, only people who work for a couple of addon developement sheds and maybe a few YouTube/podcast/reporter types. After all this is the very first round of alpha, and everything they've done thus far is to build a very specific impression to be presented to the public. I would go so far as to state that most of us developers are absolutely not of interest to them at this point. MilViz and PMDG are the aircraft developers from this side of the pond I expect they're interacting with.
Hi Folks

Recently I managed to view the HD version of the videos.
Autogen Vegetation -
I was wrong there.
Australia-March-Build -
Terrain LOD'ing -
Nearby view - 'Digital Surface Model' covered by autogen.
Distant view - POSSIBLY 'Digital Terrain Model' for canopy cover.
Looks like the trees are volumetric, (rather than xyz planes).

Clouds_Barcelone -
Model/texture artifacting displaying at cloud edge overlaps.
Possibly a cloud impostor model is missing its texture, (at one-o-clock).
As they're volumetric, it's not an impostor.
However that pic/scene also appears in the latest video,
Global Preview Event, Episode 2 (WEATHER), (@ 8:50 minutes)
and the pronounced ring is more obvious.
? Atmospheric effect ?

MS/Asobo - If you're watching - Some Trivia -
One of your videos shows Chicago from the lake.
There are several vessels in view,
one of which is an LNG bulk carrier, (MOSS type, i.e. spherical tanks).
She looks larger than SeawayMax, (23.8m beam).
LNG bulk carriers normally ply inter-continental routes, between terminals.
AFAIK there are zero LNG marine terminals on the Great Lakes.
LNG powered ships, possibly, LNG bulk carriers, no.

re: Beta testing -
Good luck to all those accepted to participate.
Have fun.

Just wish I had a capable PC to join in.

November 7th, 2019 – Development Update
Hey, still workin on stuff, gonna be a bit, just sit tight.”

We have a number of exciting deliverables planned for November so let’s get right to the updates!

For those of you that were selected to participate in testing Tech Alpha 1, a quick reminder that you should expect all updates related to Tech Alpha will be sent via email. Expect the next email update on 11.10.


  • If you’re interested in registering for a chance to participate, please go here
  • If you registered for Tech Alpha 1, we’ve automatically registered you for Tech Alpha 2.
  • We expect to provide an update on the timeline for Tech Alpha 2 in the next few weeks.


We are excited to announce the official release dates for Episodes 3 and 4!
  • 11.21 – Episode 3 (Aerodynamics) release
  • 11.28 – Episode 4 (Cockpits) release

The team is excited to announce we will be attending the upcoming X019 in London November 14th – 16th. For more information regarding the event – https://www.xbox.com/en-US/x019


We’ve posted some new screenshots, head into the Insider Area to check them out!

Lots of exciting things ahead, some much closer than you think.
Next update – 11.14!

Microsoft Flight Simulator Team


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The inflatornary use of "exciting" makes this newsletter decidedly unexciting...so basically a non-newsletter.
I don't know but to me it seems that MS has hit a snag.. they seem delayed on updates and sending the alpha to those who are part of it.

Its a bit too positive to believe this sim will be out early 2020, or even mid 2020. The hype it has created in the community and the excitement is I think good because it looks promising, but the time frame for this to be out for the consuming public its a bit optimistic.


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According to the last email I received, the next reporting date for the Tech Alpha is 11/18.
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I am beginning to think that my Video card upgrade last year isn't going to be enough :p


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Uuuh, that was done on X-Box. I don't have X-Box. I wasn't planning on buying one either.
No it was not! They were using the PC version there along with the new Honeycomb yoke and switch controls.

They will not even begin porting for X-Box until after the PC is polished and released.
Methinks this is a late 2020 release... or for certain an early 2021...

Its still in alpha and hasn't even be sent to test to a selected audience. Lets put the brakes on the internment release euphoria.
Nope. Not going to buy this simulator until they fix the fingerprints and scratches in the side windows and canopy! Geez.:p
I just see almost all video in single aircraft and formation, I did see any other air traffics, ATC chats, failure/crash.
if it compare to FSX it still long way to go, in general:
1. earth :pushpin:
2. Airport :pushpin:
3. Seasoning ???
4. weather :pushpin:
5. environment effect :pushpin:
6. aerodynamic :pushpin:
7. prop aircraft :pushpin:
8. Jet aircraft :pushpin:
9. Chopper ???
10. Glider ???
11. Seaplane :pushpin: (edited)
12. steam and glass gauge :pushpin:
13. sound :pushpin:
14. ATC ???
15. Air traffics ???
16. Failure/crash + effect ???
17. Sea Traffic ???
18. living world :pushpin:
19. ATC Controller Cabin ???

FSX modul add on for realism:
1. airport :pushpin:
2. Cities :pushpin:
3. fire and bombing (Tackpack) ???
4. Air refueling ???
5. STVOL ???
6. Ground service support + airport traffics ???
7. environment effect :pushpin:
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I just see almost all video in single aircraft and formation, I did see any other air traffics, ATC chats, failure/crash.
if it compare to FSX it still long way to go, in general:

11. Seaplane :pushpin:
The Icon A5 is a "seaplane" so put a pin in that one too! :rotfl: