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MSFS -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

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I seriously hope that the VII/2080 is for setups with large screens or extreme anti-aliasing values.

The rest doesn't look that out of the ordinary though. Much like what X-Plane 11 requires.
I believe it's the 8GB vram that's important for a graphics card. Also note the computer memory ideal of 32GB. More memory = better performance. Also, CPU ideal would mean more cores, not simply speed.
Check the mail people; a new batch of invites to the Alpha was released... got mine today :)

Maybe its just the scenery developer in me , but the airports look good at best, but theirs a lot of potential to develop great looking airports.



Have to admit that this video increased my heart rate. SIDs and STARs for flight planning and ATC, a voice system overhaul, copilot radio assistance, traffic management, synthetic terrain and weather radar...
I dont believe it is a leak since it was officially published by MS this week on the insider site..I was just curious because I saw the name "Lionheart" branded at start of the clip.
Okay, the website seemed a bit dodgy at first glance, but as long as it is legitimate... :scratchch
the clip was re-posted using that link on the AVSIM site that might be the reason....but so I see Lionheart himself is not around to confirm anything.
I'll assume the Lionheart was intentionally a teaser from Microsoft. It may refer to a native MSFS aircraft, or the importation of an FSX aircraft? Either way, if our dear friend is involved, then he would be under an NDA, and it isn't fair to pressure him for an answer. So let's wait and see.
Soooo..... Just a bit over a month to go until release. Are you hyped yet? :cool:
Soooo..... Just a bit over a month to go until release. Are you hyped yet? :cool:

I had gotten the impression that release was delayed by the pandemic.


...Apparently I was mistaken (...and in this case, that was a 'good' thing ! :) )

"Microsoft Flight Simulator Set for Launch on August 18 for PC,
also with Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta)

"In addition to its digital versions, Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available as a retail disc version at European stores via Aerosoft."

NOTE: MSFS 2020 is NOT to be confused with this questionably named product:

...or this product (actually both Deluxe and Acceleration DVDs), which is now available again at a more appropriate price:

PS: Some inside news on the "Closed Beta", and some new screenshots / videos by Alpha Testers:

Happy Flying ! :cool:



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As far as developers go, there are some omissions.

No SDK. No VR. No seasons. No helicopters or gliders. No ability to import FSX scenery or aircraft. 3 versions to contend with (not counting the Xbox versions). :eek:
This link is to an audio interview. It's a bit more informative than what I've read:


The claim that they've already contacted 3rd party developers seems odd. I haven't read anything about that. And it seems these developers will be given a functional SDK around the same time as the tech alpha build... but the actual SDK will be a work in progress and delivered at the release of the sim. Also, the sim and the SDK will very much be a work in progress, much like Windows 10 or P3D... continually getting updates. That could be a headache for developrs as the addons could be broken by new versions of the sim or the SDK. 2D panels are gone. Seasons might get added post release. As might helicopters, ATC and Ai.

They'll have VR. Just not in the Alpha, and perhaps not in the initial release. This is going to be an ongoing project similar to the updates of P3D.

I sure hope the SDK will be complete enough so no one has to backward engineer or find hacks and work-arounds...

Wait! Isn't that how FSDeveloper started? :stirthepo

It's looking like VR might make it into the early release.

A huge silence concerning seasons. Apparently it's too much work?

Nearly 2 trillion ( 2,000,000,000,000) trees placed, as recognized by 20,000 PCs connected to Azure AI, with the work completed in a week. The photoreal has been 'scrubbed' by Azure Ai to eliminate clouds, shadows, building and tree imagery, with these elements added back by weather, lighting, and generated objects and procedural elements.

Missions are probable, as Asobo is looking to hire a mission-builder. No word on airfield job boards or aerocaches (2 great additions in Flight).

No real word on ATC or AI traffic. In fact, little said about a living world at all: animals, people, automotive traffic, lake and ocean traffic, trains, AI aircraft, airport vehicles or jetways. We have seen car traffic on the roads, and they are as hilarious as the cars in FSX.

There will be an SDK released to a limited number of commercial 3rd party developers during the Alpha stage, and a polished SDK might make it into the final release, available to the vast majority of developers. Maybe.

Flight had no dynamic movement, limited scenery, no ATC, very limited number of airports... it did have seasons and game qualities.

So compared to Flight, it looks like Dos Equis is going to offer less at initial release, excepting world wide coverage and 40,000 airfields. It's going to look great in a lifeless, summer-only kind of way. The aircraft will handle superbly. Oh, and Flight had no helicopters either. But MSFS2020 may have a tube liner, and perhaps better gauges. Unlike Flight, no ancient Japanese zeros without interiors flying around Hawaii, to insult old American veterans and their children. :)

Seriously, I wish they'd delay the sim for a couple more years and get the missing pieces into the puzzle. It's going to look stunning. Flight handling should be superb. But Microsoft and Asobo have chosen to have a very limited sim rather than a trade-off, giving a flawed sim. I just think the consciously missing elements may never make it into the final product. Microsoft says it will be different this time. I worked in the automotive industry for 34 years and cannot count the number of times that corporation said it's going to be different this time... it never was. As the saying goes, 'wish in one hand and poop in another and see which fills up first". :idea:

As far as developers go, there are some omissions.

No SDK. No VR. No seasons. No helicopters or gliders. No ability to import FSX scenery or aircraft. 3 versions to contend with (not counting the Xbox versions). :eek:

AFAIK, there is (was ?) an intent to make a SDK available at RTM, and updated at (multiple ?) points in the future.

"Microsoft is committed to providing a software development kit (SDK) with the product at launch that will give developers the tools they need to build add-ons, though they caution that it is something that will be polished and expanded through post-launch updates. "

IIRC, Dick knows (probably better than most of us here) this would not be the first time that we had to wait for a MSFS SDK to released after FS RTM shipped.

Also, AFAIK, there was reportedly going to be a MSFS-2020 'mode' that allowed use of existing ex: FSX / P3D scenery content to be displayed / used.



No seasons? AI? No heli's? No SDK? No most common airliners?
Must be extremely boring :).

Indeed, when I fly IRL or in FS, it is not in the Winter, and it is instead on sunny days with clear skies.

And IRL flyers likely recall how nerve-wracking and dangerous it is to fly in even slightly cloudy conditions. :pushpin:

I've spend too much time IRL on the ground baking in the sun inside a cockpit at busy airports, so I don't use AI / Ground Traffic for my GA flying experience. ;)

PS: Dick, is that a makeshift 'Helipad' I see at ICAO CL33 Pauma Valley Air Park ? :scratchch

BTW: I have no doubt that Asobo can implement Helicopters and Gliders based on their prior work:


I am especially confident in their abilities to do Helis after seeing what Asobo did in year 2010 for their "FUEL" game product (...download and run this Demo version :laughing:)



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