-Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

And i just upgraded to P3D V4.....
Seriously, if this thing has no SDK or third party capabilities, then it is a no from me, i will completely ignore it like i did with flight, too much of a bitter taste on my mouth, and some of it still lingers :S
Also, i WANT to see how other parts of the world, that have always been criminally neglected by MSFS, look in this new sim.
I'm not certain what I need to prove one way or the other. They stated they used the controller with their laptop, on trips. Are you saying you can shove an entire sim hardware setup in your carryon? I don't see a reason to disparage someone for using the controller. I really don't.


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Yes it was a bit tongue-in-cheek, and yes you can fly with an x-box controller, however my personal preference is to fly as a simulator and
an x-box controller is not in a real aircraft yet (i'm sure someone will find a pic of one).
We'll talk about that again in case you're ever away from home for a longer period of time. :)

Enjoy your gaming but how about all the panel (VC) settings, fly a flightplan, etc.?
I am afraid you are better off with some simple Flight Simulator that gives you all the eye candy that you want but will be way off an (almost) real piloting experience.
Guess you also fly in outside spot view all the time?
Maybe, the new Microsoft Flight Simulator will then be an excellent choice or Google Earth that also has one?
This is the dumbest post I've read all week. And I've read a lot.

If anything, the worst aspect about an XB360 controller is that you need to control it with two hands more often and that the response curves require a bit more attention. But other than that, it works perfectly fine for all intents and purposes.

Have you tried WSL? I just thought I'd ask since I always found dual boot to be a pain.

Dual booting is easy with UEFI (I use ReFind as a bootloader on my PC). It was quite a PITA with GRUB2 though as Windows tended to occasionally wipe it out and replace it with the standard one.
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WSL is Windows Subsystem for Linux. Sort of a containerized Linux emulation layer, then you can pick one or more Linux user-space distro's to run on top of it (Debian, SUSE, Ubuntu etc). It's mainly just for bash command line though, but you can run a Windows X server and use Linux GUI apps as well.


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WSL is Windows Subsystem for Linux. Sort of a containerized Linux emulation layer, then you can pick one or more Linux user-space distro's to run on top of it (Debian, SUSE, Ubuntu etc). It's mainly just for bash command line though, but you can run a Windows X server and use Linux GUI apps as well.
I don't have a usage case for WSL. My goal is moving away from Windows altogether at some point, so if anything, I'd have to use WINE (which doesn't run FSX well, btw).


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Speaking of "moving away from Windows altogether, I was reading yesterday that CERN is planning to dump Windows and Microsoft entirely since MS recently raised their annual license fee 10X from what they have always been. They have programmers working now on replacing all of the apps they've been using with open source applications running under some version of Linux.


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New Information just posted on the website.

While this is not the moment to answer every question being asked, we do want to take the opportunity to answer a few important ones:

  1. We are making Microsoft Flight Simulator. Emphasis on the word SIMULATOR.
  2. Designed for PC, optimized for multiplatform support (e.g. Xbox).
  3. Yes. We are supporting 3rd Party Content Development and Community Content creation. We are aware of the concerns in the current eco-system and are working to address them.
  4. Yes. We genuinely want to work closely with the community in the development of this title.
  5. Accessibility is important to us. Whatever your abilities are, if you want to fly, we are going to do whatever we can to make that happen. Yoke and pedals, mouse and keyboard, controller, etc. No pilot should be left behind.

Full post here:

That should cut some of the speculation...
And add more elsewhere... because that's what humans do. :rolleyes:

Let the wild speculation continue.


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'Designed for PC, optimized for multiplatform support' is in direct contradiction to 'PC requires XBox app (in beta)' in the original launch announcement.

Interesting... left hand and right hand, anybody?:stirthepo
According to this piece of article I was able to grab from one of the discussion forums at FSELITE it seems to be developed in French by studio called "ASOBO". The source link is here it is in french bthwy so turn on your translators if you dont know french..

Microsoft Flight Simulator par les Bordelais d’Asobo, le nouveau projet intriguant des Lyonnais d’Arkane, Death Loop, ou le toujours très populaire jeu de danse d’Ubisoft Montreuil, Just Dance 2020.
Google translated version:


Some links regarding prior work by Asobo Studio:






Hmmm... I'm thinking: MSFS HoloLens Edition ! ;)

Could: "As Real as it gets" ...now become: "More Real Than It Gets ? :scratchch

HoloForge Interactive "augmented flying" may be Judge Dredd's answer to boredom for 'Oculus Minions'. :cool:


Surely there must also be a way to recycle an IR tracking device salvaged from 'deprecated' aviator headgear ? :laughing:


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I'd love to know if any former ACES devs are involved.
So far I can pretty much confirm that they are not. Most of us didnt even know about the project. I dont know if this was done specifically to exclude the old ACES team or if its just because the current dev team is located in France.


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Kevin, somehow I've gained the impression that the French dev team was "discovered" by MS and they made an offer to the French team. I may be all wet of course! :rotfl:


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From P3d backwards in time, we see a common thread of procedures upon which the SDKs were built. We use familiar tools, and methods to develop scenery, objects and aircraft. We were able to fill in the blanks for some SDK omissions in the past. I'm afraid we may be in for a hard time with the new sim as the tools may be quite different. File structures and procedures may be quite different.

For example, "QMID" is the same for a number of the sim iterations. We know what it means and how to use it in our own tooling and scenery. This new sim may be so different, we may be lost without a very detailed SDK and access to tools. In particular, tools used by the developers may not be available to us, or may require an expensive investment, and a substantial learning curve, which locks out many 3rd party developers. Already in P3d we do not have tools for freeware object creation, although MCX helps here. Many of our favorite tools may not be adaptable for the new sim, such as ADE and MCX.

We are all aware that 3rd party development is what drove sustained interest in FSX and P3d. Most, if not all 3rd party developers started as amateurs creating freeware projects. It's vital to the success of the new sim to be as transparent and available as possible regarding tooling and procedures for developers right off the bat. This was the primary failing of MS Flight. The sim was free! But the door was closed to further development. No 3rd party planes or scenery.

End users want new aircraft to explore, and old favorites available. Some want favorite local airfields developed or updated. Some want greater terrain or environment development to give a different flavor to the default scenery, either on a local or global setting. This is what simming has become. It is not flying from a to b. It is not endlessly completing the same mission scenarios. This is where simmers put their money and time. This is what drives the purchase of new hardware and software, and drives spouses nuts. We do not want a 'perfect', all inclusive sim with nothing needed regarding scenery or aircraft. We need good 'bones' in the sim and the ability to improve the default elements.

These will be interesting times for the next few months. Communication about the sim will be difficult as Microsoft controls the communication, but they do not control the development. Everything will be filtered through the xbox insider people. And they are not flight sim people. As Kevin has noted, the old Aces team is not part of this sim. This is not part of the Flight Simulator legacy. That thread is broken here. This represents a complete break with our old methods and understanding. It is unlikely Simconnect or FSUIPC will be available. We have a whole new language to learn.

The message from Microsoft is that past mistakes will not be repeated. I'm not sure the project managers even know what those mistakes were. Yes, we want sloped runways and cloud shadows. But we do not want to wait 3 or 4 years for aircraft developers to start offering new aircraft, or for airport scenery developers to get me my detailed C59 at Lake Lawn. And if those managers don't know what C59 and Lake Lawn mean, they probably are in the wrong job. No one wants to wait 3 to 4 years for the developers to get up to speed with the tools and methods. And no one wants to wait especially if there are only 4 or 5 developers that can afford the tools, or have the necessary knowledge. Which is actually why FSDeveloper was started by Arno. A place to freely exchange ideas, methods and tooling, to keep the simming hobby alive by disseminating these thing for FS2004, FSX and P3d . And we've done a pretty good job as a community.

If Microsoft wants to prevent failure, they need to get HERE, and right quick. :banghead: