P3D v4 Florida Keys !

I'd say take your time... enjoy it filling in the trees, etc. How large a file? Just curious, any night textures or is this just summer fun :cool:
Absolutely what he said. Nothing makes more of an impact than properly placed vegetation with correct color blend. If it looks like a brown field with pimples, go re do it. Take your time. Figure out what vegetation works best and place using Annotator.
Looking good, keep it up!

Yeah, there is an issue with your download links. When trying to download Florida Keys it points to DIAP Abidjan 0.9, but then that can't even be downloaded due to pop ups and spam pages. Some Chrome Power App rubbish says it's ready for download, but I suspect that's a spam page, and should not be clicked on. I doubt it has anything to do with Chrome. You should not be using adfly, that has spam written all over it, and it forces you to enable notifications on your PC, and God knows what else. If you have trouble finding hosting sources, Google Drive works well.
Yea, the download was blocked by my MalwareBytes - say phishing is occurring... :( Think I will hold off until this is remedied.
Hello all,

I changed all the links to direct MediaFire without using adfly, it should be easier for you to download it.

I’m still working on the autogen, trying to fill this large area takes some time !

I’m not only adding generic 3D buildings but also Boats and custom 3D models for Key West such as hotels and simple stuff with pictures I can find on google street view.

It should look more and more realistic now and thoses little details won’t add too much weight to the scenery compared to the photoground. (it’s now about 3Go).

Thank you for your support guys !