FSX FS2004 to FSX Aircraft Conversion Tutorial

OMG...I have two planes with properly working props...and I owe it all to Mr. Gibson...Thank you for all you have done..Getting the hang of that I think...lol...Now on the jetstream...the black is sticking out and away from the glass windows as you can see by the pics and really would like to know about having glass you can see into the aircraft so any tidbits appreciated. I believe I have a "glass.bmp" if that means anything.
Thanks to everyone and I have ordered BC Powders or Goody Powders (from the South) for everyone to cure your headaches :)

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Congratulations on your success! Glad to help. I think that the original model must have windows like that, for some reason.

I tell you how to make glass transparent in Part 6: Editing Materials and Textures.
Yeah I printed it all out...remember seeing it but the black stuff kinda resting outside over the glass has something to do with that? Don't want to screw up what I have successfully got done after probably 3 or 4 months. Just so you know..the 100 for c.gear etc popped up on the B1900C but not on the jetstream...just for the info.
Thank you sir.
Bob M.
Ok, on glass...highlight the glass.bmp (all I have) and set to default transparency and then proceed to Bill learnings setting, leave all settings as except for the things he says to change? When I get to "colours" how do I enter 55,55,55...all I see in a color palette..more questions, i think to follow after I get that.....
Bob M.

Yes, leave all other settings unchanged.

Next to the Specular Color line is 0,0,0. Highlight those numbers and type 55,55,55.
PS. I've tried a quick conversion of the Premier Jetstream and when the converted FSX model is loaded into MCX, the windows are "exploded" away from the fuselage as in your image. I don't know how to fix this, other than deleting the windows. This must be done in the FS9 model, since the windows and fuselage are joined together after FSX conversion (even with CollapseModelParts set to FALSE).

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Hey Thanks...I am not sure unless I google it, there is an fs9 model since I think Premier updated the model for FSX. I really appreciate tou trying anyway. I guess the jetstream and the b1900C are as good as there going to get. Any other ideas, let me know. I could write Bob May but its doubtful, he would suggest anything.
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I checked the "FSX MDL file" in a hex editor and the header says MDL8MDLH, which is an FS9 format MDL file. If it was in native FSX format the header would be MDLXMDLH, so not a real conversion to native FSX format. So it appears they are identical. They updated the gauges, etc. to be FSX compatible, but did not convert the MDL file.


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Tom, Impressive tutorial indeed!
Congrats for sharing your hardwork and endeavors.
May I suggest editing a PDF version of the said tutorial and adding it to the FSDeveloper's Resources Section?
Thank you again!
Thanks so much for your research. That's cool !!!! It remains to fix some animations and the new life of the model will become a reality.
You're welcome. I just posted an update yesterday. I adapted it to the latest version of MCX, and fixed a few things that didn't work reliably enough.
Hi Tom,

many thanks for your great work and also for the set of great old planes on your Website. You wouldnt believe this, but many of those great planes you provide the Flightsimmer Community, I could still see in live in the late fifties at Zurich-Airport when I was a young Boy. I loved the Convair Metropolitans or the DC-6 when they started their engines, sometimes engulfed in smoke and flames, the firebrigade allways was present with a fireextinguisher.
That’s exactly the reason I started this classic sim project was so I could relive those exciting days when I was a kid sitting at the fence at Sacramento Municipal (now Executive) watching the United DC-6Bs and DC-7s start up and turn towards the runway. I’ll never forget the aroma of burning avgas and the breeze from the props. It was always a thrill.


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So, I gathered my courage, and I have just submitted as a resource a pdf version of Tom's guide. I hope it helps.
Tom : if you prefer your website to remain the only source for the guide, just tell me, I'll delete the resource file.