FS2004 (FSX & X-Plane 10) Bell 429: she is slowly getting some shapes

Hello lads

Thank you all for the kind words. I am making my way into the 3D VC; thanks to Tom who spotted a big issue, I resized the main panel and the center console. Well, there you go what I have so far:




And the work continues...
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Any chance of moving the coaming sides up a bit and adding flip-out holders either side. Also a slope to the center panel below the switch as in photo.:stirthepo

Sorry for being a pain. :(

I have an idea; I completely forgot about an image that comes in a file. I will try to adjust what we have using the 6" x 8" LCDs as a starting point. With some luck, distribution will look better:

Dasboard goal attempt.jpg

Wish me luck...
Hi Sergio,

That 3D cockpit is really looking nice.
Tom's advice would make it look even better, although the photo he posted does not show where the angled console ends and the flat console begins. There are plenty of photos available which will give you a clear view if you do a Google Image search for Bell 429 cockpit pictures.

One thing I noticed is that you have an empty space at the top of the center console and the switch console which would throw off any dimensions you might try to eyeball based on the given size of the LCD screens. I think you will not have too much trouble to get it close enough for government work.

I ran across some videos of the 429 from a test ride at the Farnborough air show, which feature some very close, very clear shots of the instrument panel and consoles, as well as some informative comments from the pilot.

You might find the comments on the attitude hold and autopilot interesting too.

Hope these help.


Bell 429 demonstration – start-up (video)

Bell 429 demonstration – avionics (video)

Bell 429 demonstration – one engine performance (video)

Bell 429 demonstration – shut-down (video)
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Hello lads

I did the slope to the central panel and working my way to fix what you spotted. I am sure we will get it right ;)


Tom's advice would make it look even better
I know, he is the man! Also, he always provides valuable observations. In the last threads, I guess I sounded a little bit rude; my apologies if you thought so. For sure, it was a misunderstanding. On the other side, thank you too!!! You are also a wonderful person and I am thankful for your help; those videos are an "asset" indeed.

All the best,
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Resizing and repositioning all again is becoming a real nightmare :yikes::yikes::yikes::yikes:

Furthermore; I didn't realize that the plane where all gauges are sitting, has a slope! I designed flat and perpendicular with the horizontal plane... :tongue-ti:tongue-ti:tongue-ti

I need a beer...:confused:
Hello lads

@Darren, hello and thank you for your kind words. If everything goas as planned, she will be available also for FSX and XPlane 10.

We are getting closer and closer to get it right! After a few days, my hair is more gray than before. Thanks to our friend Tom Woods, we achieve the overall shape and the frontal panel has been rotated 10º respect to the vertical plane. Of course, some textures and several parts needs some adjustments; but here we go with the work on the dash panel and the central console (still a work in progress):




As you may noticed, the dash panel has been completely redesigned! Now, with the fuselage in place:



We hope you like it!
Hello lads

A little update on the 3d instruments; I've enhanced texture resolution in several objects; I hope you like it:




In Trevor's photgraphs, those modules seems to be in the same color as the central console plates; however, if you don't see them in perspective; they look too flat... I guess I will need to do some tricks with textures. Among other things, some unespected issues with those extruded buttons. I was trying to use texture space for them... perhaps I will use blank space (if any:confused:) to relocate all extrusions.

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Hello lads

After almost 1 month of work we almost have the dashboard and central console done. Need to do some tweaks; there you go:





I am considering to add the Technisonic TFM500; however, this will cost another texture (I finally have no room in my actual "real state"). A long way to go... I need to re-export everything to Gmax and finally test all over again in the sim :yikes:

Is it never ends? :confused:

Really hope you like it.
All ambitious work getting close to reality is a neverending story - especially if you're doing with much blood, sweat and tears. You will always find some more detail if you won't run rings around yourself ;) Hope you find a good balance soon between aspiration and satisfaction! Be strong, the work is worth waiting for all of us!
Hey Sergio,
The slope you have implemented to the console per Tom's suggestion is looking spot-on!

In fact, the whole cockpit is looking better and better with each new screenshot. It's like looking at photos of avionics options from the 429 brochure!

I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning to come. :)

Keep up the amazing work brother!