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I have a question regarding your post #281. You have a screenshot showing a blend of winter and summer. Because I see a "blending" from one season to the next I take it this was done with Photoshop (or similar), not an actual in game shot? Just curious.



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It looks good at the moment, the scenery is now being tested.
If nothing comes up, I will start sharing the scenery on Monday - as a Christmas present, so to speak!


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And here are news as well:
First I have uploaded Hessen und Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland.
And second, today I put my fourth and currently most powerful workstation into operation.
While it is currently working on Germany, it will next create a new version of Belgium, and then either work on Africa or something completely different.


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Croatia photoreal, incl. Autogen :cool:
Let's wait and see :cool:

As announced, there will be a big update for Bavaria soon.
It contains not only 2 seasons (winter and summer), but also newly created autogen, which adds tens of thousands of trees, especially around Munich Airport, and better recognizes the types of buildings in urban areas.

By the way, I changed the title of the thread, as it is not only autogen any more...
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