GMAD | Agadir | Morocco

After Marsa Alam is now done I will stay in northern Africa for the next project as well. This time it will be Agadir Al-Massira Airport in Morocco which is another popular holiday destination.

As you can see the work has just started but is still very early in the development process. At least the groundpoly already looks nice in my opinion. As I also work on other projects at the moment don't expect too much progress within the next weeks but everytime I have something to tell, I will post some updates and screenshots!

Here are the first ones:

Hi this is looking amazing.. so this year will be a great year for the moroccan virtual aviation. We are working on marrakech since over a year now. Good Luck!
Can you please mak also a FS9 version this time? I know you didn`t Marsa Alam for FS9, but Agadir would be awsome.
Hi guys,

the project is still alive but in a loooong holding pattern at the moment :rolleyes:
I am busy with 2 other projects which have a higher priority at the moment (with one almost done)!

But if you have any recent imagery of Agadir airport please contact me at any time!
Okay, after one of the projects is "off the table" now, I spent a couple of hours on my Agadir project and got along extremely well in a short time.
Here is a rendering of the current state of the airport's terminal. It already shows most of the structures but is missing some textures and objects as well as all of the vergetation around the building. But I thought it is worth to show the progress ;-)

Great scenery! Well Done! Finally a great scenery in Morocco. Let me know if you like to design airports in Horn of Africa.
It is time for an update:
The terminal is finished. Now just some surrounding plants and vegetation are missing. These will be added next. Nevertheless I want to share the current state of the terminal with you. All images are screenshots within 3dsMax so this is how it will actually look, all shadows are baked in and no Photoshop was used to improve anything:

This is how the terminal and its surroundings look like in the sim. Ground shadows are still missing as these will be done after all static vehicles are placed. If anyone has images of buildings such as the new residential complex north of the airport or the VIP and Royal Pavillion please feel free to contact me so that these buildings can be done as close to reality as possible!