Help making textures

Could someone point me in the right direction on making a texture to use with the GP editor?
Is there a tutorial on how to make a new texture?
I have DXTbmp and Gimp but can't seem to get all my ducks in a row to create a new texture.
I want to create a 'blue' texture just like the gp_red, gp_white or gp_yellow that comes with basic texture set.


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ADE_GP uses standard scenery textures - in whatever formats are acceptable to the version of FS you are using.

DXTbmp doesn't create textures. I don't use Gimp, so can't help you there. I suspect if you scan fsdeveloper or the Gimp forums, you'll find numerous hints on making textures.



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Once you get your blue texture created, a copy of the "regular" 24 bit BMP texture file goes into the ADE/Textures_dpy folder, and a copy in the proper FS format goes into the ADE/Textures folder. Then use the ADE/Tools/GP Texture Editor to add it to the texture listing. Details in the ADE-GP - User Manual.pdf, in the main ADE folder. (These locations are from the last beta, and might have moved).

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The Manual will be found in the Manuals Sub folder rather than in the main ADE folder
Thanks guys, I kind of got it figured out except how do I make black letters without a background?
I try to just make black lettering to be used like the yellow, red and white letters but I always have a background with the black letter.
Is it possible to make standalone Black letters?



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It should work the same with black as with other colors. Just make sure you have an alpha channel in the shape of the letters. And it might be better to use a black color for the letters something like 32,32,32, rather than 0,0,0. The alpha channel black must be 0,0,0 though.