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How to write ils approach xml code?

By examining the example in the link, I wanted to write SID, STAR and Approach codes for my airport, but I couldn't. In the example in the link, ils is entered on a waypoint. At my airport, ils is established on YSS VOR. No matter how much I tried to simulate, the codes did not work, it gives an error while compiling.

The attached picture shows the ILS approach path to LTDK. I'm at 11500 ft on BOZOK. I approach the YSS VOR with 109 heading and ils establishes on the VOR at 9500 ft. If there is no runway visibility at 8400 ft, the MECID waypoint will be flown and climbing to 11000 ft.

I've been trying to write this code for days, but I always get an error.

Attached are the airport package and object.xml files of my airport. Is there a benevolent hobbyist who can write this code?

Note : I have successfully made all the necessary additions for the FMC of PMDG B738 to recognize my airport and all STAR, Approaches, but unfortunately I could not show the same success in writing xml codes.
Sorry for the bad english.


  • ltdk-v2023-scenery.rar
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Hi Adnan,

after many days of dealing with your problems, I finally mean that you can bring all the missing waypoints, sid, star, approach to your project by using ADE for FSX .

Since Asobo/Microsoft are still using the FSX format for a lot of stuff in MSFS 2020, you can create the xml code inside ADE for FSX and copy&paste it over to your MSFS 2020 project xml-file.

So, i hope, your airport project can be completed.

Hi Hans,

You patiently answered all my questions one by one.

Thank you very much...
The reason you might be having trouble writing STARS to the ILS is because it is incorrect to do so. A common mistake even payware airport designers get wrong. You shouldn't do it because it is bad practice. When building the approaches onto the ILS, it should only and always be from the last waypoint. STARS play s role sometimes with transitions to the first fix in the ILS approach leg but the last waypoint from the star usually is a good distance from the first fix in the ILS leg. STARS end with vectors or vector waypoint types.

Country Flyboy does a much better job explaining this in a video series he did several years ago building an airport in ADE for FSX. While old, it still applies. It is great series worth your time. Search him up on Youtube or Google Airport Design Editor Tutorials and it will come up. Towards the end of the series he goes through the process of building the ILS approaches. He has a link to a post back here that will be very useful if you want to attempt it. Word of caution: You should have a good understanding of how to read an approach and correctly fly them if you want to do this part of the build.

The link is to a zip file that contains a pdf file with all of the different leg types. Most you'll never need or use as they are not common. Some are used a lot.

I hope that helps. Good luck.