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Hello all together,

after Bremen has been released about 4 weeks ago, work on the next project "Hurghada" is already progressing well.
The groundpoly is mostly completed.

Here are some early images from P3Dv4.3:

more to follow soon as work on the 3D objects just stared today!

Best regards and thanks for watching!
Wow. Finally comes Hurghada. I am glad that Jetman takes over the airport. The pictures look like Jetman used to be very good. @Jetman. Will you also implement the environment with Photo Real Underground? I'm definitely looking forward to following the project here again.
Wow very beautiful. I know the airport well because I go there twice a year. And the details are really amazing. Continue like that Jetman. I'm really looking forward to it.
Well fsx is very old, 32bit (which means that’s not many textures can be loaded and also there is a limit in the model vertices). Also P3D v4.4 is the latest technology including PBR, Dynamic Lighting and many more.

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the project is progressing very well. Not too many tasks left...
here are some current in-sim images to show the results of the last weeks. More to follow as the development is now at increased speed due to a broken leg which keeps me away from my actual job ;-)






That looks very good. I am currently in Hurghada on vacation. I'm really looking forward to this scenery. Will the environment be implemented? Would be great if the Photoreale underground to Makadi Bay to the south and north to El Gouna is implemented there until then the approaches go. The airport looks very good.

Christian Bahr

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That will definitely be such a great scenery as your Bremen Airport. I'm always looking forward to your contributions here in the forum!