FSXA index buffer


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It probably means that your model has too many of something. Try exporting part of your model?
Tom- Yes- I did remove a number of items and no longer got that error msg. But it bothers me if FSDS says I can't have more than X number of polygons! Rats! I have so much more to do. I'm screwed if I'm up against a polygon wall.
I'm just horsing around making a battleship ( not very damned good at it, but it's fair) I had to remove all the bofors guns and most of the anti-ac 20mm guns... very many of both. And much detail yet to put in.
I've been diligent as can be to remove polys not visible to keep down the poly count. we'll see. Thanx Bob

For my first ship I made all the rail in 3D mode. But for the next ones I simply use transparent rail texture in tile mode and a simple cube. That drastically reduces the number of polygons!
I started doing that but took all of them out except one set. what hurt me was installing all the bofors guns and 20mm's. I took all out but one 5-set of 20mm's .... no error. I might be able to put some back, but I have a lot to go yet, so I know I'll go over the top again.
someone with one or two fellas did a nice pilotable BB 55 with animation, sound, etc. Puts me to shame. Mine isn't too bad but haven't done any animation yet, and no sound at all. Somehow they did it.... looks great too.

Tried to do smoke with smokestack and smokestack2 effect but after installing, exiting FSX and back in ... no smoke appeared. at first I though it had to do with difference in alt from water level to airport nearby at about 100 feet or better. Installed at another scenery and it worked. Then showing it to a friend I went out of FSX added a couple of items...no change in smoke effect... back into FSXD.... no smoke! I finally change to a different smoke effect and it's ok now. wonder if anything might be wrong with the smokestack effect. Oh well.

Taken out all extraneous polys and still I hit about 12k polys. Railings I will do as a trans. I can make a decent Bofors gun but again.... more polys.

Should be able to be done. A friend of mine has a huge transport aircraft static which sits about 25,000 + polys!!!! So I know 18k shouldn't be the limit. Ergo- I did something screwball here! ;) Bob


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It might be that you are trying to include too many polygons that use the same material. Try making a copy of your main material, change it a tiny bit (some minor value), and assign that to all the extra parts that won't compile.
interesting idea, Tom. Anyway it does compile but error msg ... now it does but I'll check along the way. Most of these error mdgs I haven't a clue what they mean, but some I have figured out like non-planer polys... one's that are not on the same plane, etc. If I had a degree In geometry it might help
! hahaha

Empress of Ireland I would like to see. Sounds very nice.

I'll take a sneaky peak. Thanx, Jean-Pierre. Been working this AM and so far I have my animation on two radars... both using the same ambient (seems to work ok) and smoke is working on both stacks... a bit small smoke but it's ok. More anti-AC guns but no bofors guns yet. I don't have nearly the detail you guys have ... as yet but it's not too bad. . Bob
Jean-Piere, Your ships look wonderful! kudos!!!! So far- my BB 55 is trudging along... more detail, added some noise as per suggestion from Roby. Looks much better. fiddling with the bofors guns again.... we shall se! ;)
If you go ahead and try to compile, fsds ask if you want to go ahead or not. If you say yes the compile proces fails, if you say no it compiles without a flaw.

My BB55 turned out well. Anyway........ Cees - Most interesting! Are you sure your FSDS is NOT installed in program files (x86)? If so, get it out of there and reinstall elsewhere. I have mine as such.... I created a folder called Abacus and installed it there. i.e. C:\Abacus\FSDS etc.
Evidently it is not. You posted for some ideas or possibilities. I gave you a possibility... might be it - might not be. You say it works ok where it is. But then yo also state a problem you are having. Not logical is it?

I had a few problems until my mentor told me to do what I suggested to you. Problem solved.

FSDS often can exhibit this or that or another problem being in Program files(x86) - ... might do one odd thing... or a different odd behavior. Trying my suggestion above won't hurt anything. Might help, might not.

I had odd behavior From FSDS YEARS ago. reinstalled outside of program files (x86) and it fixed it. No problems whatsoever - that was many years ago.

You asked for help. I tried to help. You blew it off, saying your FSDS works ok where it is............. obviously it is not. Perhaps it may be a different solution, who knows?! Anyway.... tried to help.
If it works.........REAT. If not... who knows.... it might just be something very small.... a little tweak here or there. Let us know if you find something. Hope Scott Hendricks is around. He is the best chance for figuring things out for FSDS. He's our mentor. good people too.