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Jim Vile


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Jim's name has recently been mentioned in a post on this forum. I guess most of you will know of him and his contribution to our community. I am sorry to say that we have not had contact with him for a number of months. His last message indicated that he had a number of personal issues to deal with. We have not been able to contact him since. I cannot confirm what his current status is. We do know that he had some health problems and, sadly, it seems possible that he has passed away. I have been unable to confirm this but a lack of response to emails is not encouraging. If anyone has any information that we don't have then perhaps they could let me know.
i dropped Jim a line back in September to inquire how he was as we haven't seen him at the forums for awhile, he never did reply,
so i hope he is still with us
I hope too that he is still ok..Cant even begin to explain the impact he made on AFCAD's and the development and tools/tricks we are still using today.

Anyone know where he lived?

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Rest in peace Jim.
Thank you for your contribution to this community.
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Sad news,... I had noticed his absence... I had hoped for the best. Thanks,... Jim! You will be missed for sure!
Sorry to hear about this. Rest in peace thanks to Jim for the flight simmers community for all of us. He may be flying in heaven around the world and watch all of us. God Bless to Jim.



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Unfortunately, I found the following on the web.

James Vile Obituary

May he rest in peace.
Thanks. We saw an obit a few months back. But I didn't report it at the time since his age and a couple of other things did not match what we expected. It didn't mention flight sim. However it is a fit to name and place and the reference to flight Sim seems to confirm it.
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By coincidence, I have spent the last 8 days modifying JV's excellent version of WSSS, Changi, Singapore. There was little needing to be done to the design layout but it has taken me that long to get my AI schedules to a good level and then allocate suitable parking codes. I now have what I think is my favourite airport at which to sit and watch the aircraft leave and depart.
I shall use this as his legacy to my flight-simming experiences. A loss to our community!
Very sorry to learn of Jim's passing. Jim was a guide through some very obscure parts of MSFS and he'll be sorely missed. RIP


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Jim's passing is a great loss to our community for both his friendship and his timely assistance.


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I've never had any interaction with Jim, but I did read every post he made. May he rest in peace, and my condolences to his family. I'm only a year behind in age, but so far at least have no detected health problems aside from my so-far-under-control diabetes.

"Your flightplan is approved as filed, climb and maintain Flight Level Angels, frequency change approved. God speed sir."
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A bit devastated now.

Jim directly helped me to understand the possibilities for multiple parallel approaches for AI on certain airports like LAX or ATL in FS. So I have a great working LAX afcad with this and it is always a pleasure to watch and work with it. See http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/klax-25r-and-24l.71394/

A big, big loss for our community. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts to his family and friends.

RIP Jim and thank you for your contribution which will last for another years to come.
I am so sorry to read this, thank you Jon for posting.

Jim's mark on the sim community is indelible and his contributions have, and will have, benefited many.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and his friends.

Damn, 2016 just keeps on taking.

I probably didn't realize it at the time but as an airport designer, I'm sure I have read Jim's posts over the years.

Fair winds ad following seas.