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FSXA Licj x 2014

Hi all. My name in Diego and I'm the founder of the new FSIADT group (Flight Simulator Italian Airport Development Team).
We are developing a new version of the Palermo Airport (italy) called LICJ X 2014. The scenery will be a freeware.

In attach you can find some screeshots of the new parking area.

We're searching for betatesters and also developers.
If you are interested you can contact us via mail: FSIAD [at] gmail.com.

Hope you enjoy.



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Hi Diego,

Great work on the apron! This airport really needs a big update since my scenery released mor than 2 years ago. If you need them I can send you the source files for the terminals (they are Google Sketchup files. It was actually my only Sketchup scenery :p ).

Keep up the great work !


Thank you Thomas, your terminal is great, we appreciate very much we can use your terminal in our scenery.

I think that the last modifications to the Palermo Airport wasn't involved the terminal. So we decide to keep it in your 2011 version. The main update work was on the apron with new parkings layout.

Probably I'll contact you to get some hints in the next future.

Sure, it will be a freeware scenery.

some new pics of current status of development.

Hoe you enjoy.





Hi, we have some news. I'm working on version 0.70 of the scenery.
Lazaro join our team, and now he's working on the new jetways and on a terminal update for our scenery.
I've finished the custom 3d model for blue taxyway lights, and now I'm placing it in the scenery.
In our facebook page or in our blog you can view some picture of this lights.

Have a nice day.
Hi there.
Some news about LICJ scenery for FSX (and will be converted to P3D 2).
Now I'm working on static airport veichles, and adding some details like oilspot in the parking area and custom grass textures on the edge of taxiways.
In the next future I'll release a public beta.

Following some pics, I hope you enjoy!
If you have any questions or want to help me to finish the development of this airport, fell free to contact me.

Grass on the right hand side of the taxiway. PAPI in 3d

Apron Lights

Airport veichles.

GPU and Cobus new textures

Parking 216 with oilspot on the ground.
Now LICJ X 2014 RC 1 scenery for FSX is finally ready for download

This scenery is free of charge and it can be downloaded only from http://fsiadt.blogspot.it/p/licj-x-2014-rc-1-internal-build-0.html

This version is RC 1 (release candidate), so it's not the full version. Some details will be added in the future final release v1, such as Animated Jetways (ctrl-J), 3d approach lights and taxiway marking, full detailed runway and much more.

Please report every bug/problem on our support forum: http://fsiadt.forumattivo.it/f4-licj-x-2014-english-support

Comment and suggestes are also useful for us.
Hey there,
great work! Thank you very much, already testing it out!
Greets MM
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