LOM Issue

I have been using LOM for several years with no problem. Lately, when I try to import a library file, nothing shows in any of the fields on the form. Here is what I do:
select Import>file type>library>file
in the "New Library" form I choose the xxxx.bgl and click open. The path and file I selected appears in the appropriate field. I enter author and category, then click okay. All fields in the Import form are blank.

It has worked for me in the past. I even tried importing a file that I already have, with the same results. I am using version1.3.60801.1

Any help/advise would be appreciated.



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Have you made any changes to the installation? Do you have ADE installed in the same folder structure? I assume this is for FS9.....

Can you send me one or more of the Bgl files that is causing this? - jon AT scruffyduck.co.uk. Unfortunately we do not have the version you refer to currently installed any longer. I have slightly earlier version however.
The Library Object Manager is installed on a different drive than FS9. I do not have ADE installed in the same folder structure. I attached a library file, although it won't import any library..even those that it had imported in the past. Do I need to return to an older version?


Problem Solved

I found the problem. I pointed to the incorrect BGL to XML folder. It was trying to use "BGL2XML" instead of "bglxml". Once I pointed LOM to the correct folder, it worked fine! I figured it must be something I did after reloading all my software, as a result of a hard drive crash. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.