MCX latest development release

Bloody question on my part probably, but on the learning curve with MCX.
Up to last week, I have been using MCX and LibraryCreator to make some FSX sceneries suitable for my P3D4, and was rather satisfied with the results.
This morning, I was notified about a brand new development release, thus downloaded and installed it.
If I am now trying to import objects from a bgl file (freeware scenery for my own personal use) to export them as P3D4 mdl's, the textures do no more show up on most of the objects...
Wrong set-up on my side? something changed somewhere?
Any way to get a link to previous development release?
Any advice or help appreciated.
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It's been the case for a while now (for me) that objects imported/exported in/out of MCX no longer show textures. It doesn't affect the object in FS and if re-imported it does show textures.


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Did you check if the display of textures is disabled in the renderer options? I didn't change anything that would break things.
Sorry.... Something I did not check previously.
Renderer window was in coloured render mode, switched to textured render mode, and all went back to my usual display...
Tom, Arno, thank you for your answers!
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