Hi Folks

Anyone still interested in flying Cargo Jobs ?

If so you might like to have a play with......
'Cargo Series' - Career-progression based 'Jobs', enabling the use of larger aircraft and payloads, in Flight.

'Cargo Series' jobs are based on MGS Flight's default 'Light Cargo' job, (as-released).
All modifications and additional code being restricted to the limitations/capabilities of MGS Flight's mission engine/framework, and their existing, as-released, dialog's content.


What this public beta contains -
A career-progression of aircraft-category weight-size jobs, (4 off).
The next beta will include additional variants of each aircraft-category job.


Why -
MGS Flight's default missions & jobs -
- Mainly use statically scripted code, (see example below).
- Are coded specifically for limited aircraft types.
- Are suitable only for limited aircraft weight-sizes, (Very-Light).
- Cargoes are limited to 453 kg, (1,000 lbs).
- Don't discourage inappropriate behaviours.
- Have no career progression, (as released).

Example -
The majority of scripts only test against static values.
e.g. Destination runway is short, (tests against 609m).
Takes no account of aircraft-type, payload, weather, etc.

MGS Flight's default 'Light Cargo' job -
Is actually only suitable for 'Very-Light' category sized aircraft.

'Cargo Series' jobs -
- Mainly use dynamically scripted code, (data from aircraft type being flown).
- Are suitable for all available aircraft types, (extensible).
- Are suitable for any aircraft weight-size, (subject to MTOW).
- Cargo weights are appropriate to aircraft weight-size.
- Discourage inappropriate behaviours, (penalties).
- Offer a career progression.


Credits -
- Microsoft Game Studios - For FLIGHT.
- Steve Heijster, (StoneLance) - For his 'Flight Tool Kit', unflagging enthusiasm, and diligence. Much appreciated.

Many thanks to Steve, without whose tools and assistance this would not have been possible.


Download -

Have Fun !

Great job, Paul. But I'm having a problem installing this addon. It keeps giving this message "The addon cannot be enabled until it's dependencies are installed and enabled ..." I do have installed and enabled all the dependencies mentioned there including version of "Aircraft - C46 - Bugfix - Various data files - Curtiss C-46 Commando". Is "Mission_Scenery_Objects" a new dependencies That I still don't have or maybe I'm doing something wrong? Thanks for your help and keep doing such a wonderful work.
Hi Oscar

My apologies, & thanks for that,
I'd forgotten to check the dependencies.

I've now uploaded to same location.

Missions - Scenery Objects - Cargo Items
Required for - ACTIVITIES - JOBS - Cargo Series
A supplementary collection of cargo objects adapted for use in missions.
Placeholder containing required objects.
Will add others later.

Download -
From - MS-FLIGHT - ADDON - Missions - Scenery Objects - Cargo Items

Hopefully Cargo Series should install now.

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Yes, I've been doing some cargo jobs and I'm learning to be a better pilot because of the penalties. But, why five penalties and only three bonuses? that's not fair!!!!!!!!:):);):rotfl:
Hi Folks

My apologies Oscar,
if I, in any way, appear to be ranting below.
It is definitely not at yourself,
rather, at Flight's, as-released missions/jobs.

I've been doing some cargo jobs
and I'm learning to be a better pilot because of the penalties.
But, why five penalties and only three bonuses?
that's not fair!!!!!!!!:):);):rotfl:
I'd thought you were being paid too much already, (in XP).

Only kidding.

Fantastic to hear that 'Cargo Series' penalties
are already modifying your piloting behaviours.
Exactly my intent, (see below).

For IRL acceptable behaviours -
Scoring uses exact same MGS default codebase/values,
with the exception of any 'Adverse Weather'
which has increased bonuses, (entirely weather dependent).

For IRL non-acceptable behaviours......
You reap what you sow.

Bonuses v Penalties
Benefits of flying earnings,
don't really become appreciably worthwhile, until progressed to heavier cargoes.

Behaviour Modification
I'd also found Flight's missions to be encouraging,
or at least, unacceptably permitting, bad behaviours.

particularly irked by crosswind takeoffs and landings,
taking no account of excursions,
nor flaps & landing-gear being abused, as if air-brakes.

Runway Excursions -
With the implementation of runway-excursion penalties,
the next beta will remove current requirement for on-runway landings.
(I'd forgotten to do so, before releasing).
It already does penalise you accordingly.

Currently for 'Cargo Series', as per MGS default versions,
off-runway landings do not activate airport landing triggers,
which forced you to reload the Checkpoint,
if you'd landed slightly off-runway, (well not really 'slightly', more > 50% off-runway).
Or entirely scrub your mission attempt.

Life's too short.
It should be either,
accept the penalty, and improve on your next flight,
or refly from the CheckPoint.

Relatedly -
You might have noticed previously,
any CheckPoint reloaded landing,
was substantially easier, than any initially failed attempt.

Flight hadn't bothered reloading your cargo/pax.
Tough-Luck, as it no longer happens. :stirthepo

C-46 - Basic Aircraft -
Hoping pilots might still come to appreciate cockpit-less aircraft,
as despite their shortcoming,
they do tend to focus attentions on key factors.

Hi Folks

I've now released 'Cargo Series' Beta v2.


Changes since Beta v1 -


Jobs -
'Cargo Series' comprises a career-progression of aircraft-category weight-size jobs, (4 off).
Added 'Cargo Series Courier' job-type enable the use of 'Tour' category aircraft, with small high-value payloads, in Flight, (1 off).
Added job-type variants based on 'Cargo Series' and 'Cargo Series Courier' Hub-Hub jobs, (total 10 off).

UI - Job Board - Sequence -
Ammended job's sequence, to cluster a job-type with its variants, (OrderingSequence).

UI - Job Board - Availability -
Adjusted all job's availabilities, to more appropriate frequencies, (TemplateWeight).
Still needs further tweaking.

Payload - CoPilot -
All MS default jobs did not take account of your CoPilot's weight.
'Cargo Series' jobs appropriately add your CoPilot's weight to the payload.

Landing - Touchdown - G-Force -
Appropriately detected on touchdown, (Ouch'es if your descent-rate exceeds 400fpm).
May need further work.

Landing - Dialogs - Dispatch -
Touchdown and dispatch dialogs now always play in correct sequence.

Various other minor changes.

Does not address the previously discussed 'requirement for on-runway landings'.


Download -


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At last. I've unlock All "cargo series" jobs. And It was fun. Now I can do "medium" jobs with a huge amount of cargo weight. Hey, Paul. How about a "passenger" job series? Could be passenger charter b (5 to 6 passengers), passenger charter c (7 to 30 passengers) and commercial flight jobs (31 to 64 passengers). It's just a suggestion but it would be great. ;) Go ahead with this well organized work. :)