Multiple flight plans

Hi Everyone,
I have been creating AI flight plans with AIFP V3. It works wonderful for single airplane flights Example: C172 from DRA (Stock airport, Nevada) to KPRC (Stock airport). I have noticed a drop in frame rates which could be due to some of the aircraft I am using, Iv got to go through them and check if that is where the problem is with the frame rate.
So far I have created about 15 different traffic_bgl files with the plans that I have made so far. I have read the manual a number of times(I wanted to do that before I came here to post a question. I haven't found an answer in the manual so far.

My question is: Is there a way to consolidate the single flight plans I have created into a single bgl file? And if so would that help the frame rate issue? My system is Windows7 and I an running FSX Acceleration.

Thanks for your time and consideration, Dan C.


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Is there a way to consolidate the single flight plans I have created into a single bgl file?
Try successive merges (Files/Merge).

And if so would that help the frame rate issue?
The traffic files are read at startup, so, consolidation is unlikely to have much effect.

Thank you for such a quick reply.
I think some of the airplanes I am using may be the culprit. Also another reason I would like to merge the traffic files is at some point I may upload flight plans for others to use. As a result I'd like to keep the bgl. files needed to a minimum.

Can you tell me how to successive merge the bgl files? Is that something I can use the AIFP program to do?

Dan C.
Dan C.

am I correct in thinking that you are creating compiled flight plan BGLs that only contain one aircraft and one set of flights for that aircraft (out and return) as that is what your original entry suggests. If so, why are you not putting all of your flight schedules into one file and compiling that into a single BGL? This sounds much simpler to me.

Frame rate problems - use one of the default FSX AI aircraft (Piper PA-28 Cherokee is suggested) as your test aircraft as this is as basic as you can get and should NOT give ANY frame rate problems.
Multiple BGLs are not your problem as I have at least 30 AI traffic BGLs running in my set up with no noticeable degradation.



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Dan, I agree with raymk's recommendation.

Re merging, load one traffic file and, using the AIFP's Files\Merge function, successively merge all the others.

To be perfectly clear, load one file. Then go to the AIFP's File menu and choose Merge. Then select one of the other files to combine with the first one. Then repeat this process until the original file contains all the plans.


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It's a method of consolidating multiple traffic files. He wants to do it because he has a number of traffic files containing single round-trip flights plans that he wants to have in a single traffic file.

Hi everyone, I want to thank you all for your advice given!!! It means a lot to me.

I am creating single plans for single airplanes. That works wonderfully well. I would like to create fight plans for different airplanes in one bgl file. the files This had caused me to pay closer attention to what I have been doing and I find I am not doing something wrong.

I save the flight plan before I compile but when I close the program I get a message: AIFP program tells me "There are files that have not been saved, do I wish to close."
When I reopen the program I find no files to be edited. I thought when I save the flight plan( before compiling) the file would still be in the program for editing at a later time if I wanted to do that. I will go back to the manual and read it again.

Also I will test a flight with the default FSX AI aircraft (Piper PA-28 Cherokee to check my frame rate.
Dan C.
AIFP program tells me "There are files that have not been saved, do I wish to close."
Hi Dan, I myself first was puzzeld with this message. The meaning is, you haven't saved the three txt files within the TrafficBGL-file (Aircraft_xxx.txt,
Airports_xxx.txt and Flightplans_xxx.txt). If you don't need them you haven't to save them.


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Like Christian said. If you have compiled a traffic file, you don't need to save the text file. AIFP will load the same data from either.

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for all the advice and help!!!!! I went back and read the manual again and I did a bit of experimenting. I was able to save the flight plan files so if I want to use them to to edit a flight plan I can. I have now made a traffic bgl that has 3 different flights using 3 different aircraft going to different airports and then returning, I did this by making 3 separate flight plans and then compiling them together into one bgl. no problems.

Also I did a frame rate test using the default Piper PA-28 Cherokee and that was much better on my frame rates, bringing them back to between 35 and 42. As far as the frame rate issue is concerned, I was using some add on planes that probably were not intended to be used as AI aircraft. The other two aircraft I used in my plans were the default DC-3 and the Piper-J3. They did not have a drastic effect on frame rate and performed well.

I still have a lot to learn about this great program but starting to get the basic understanding of creating flight plans. Thank you Don for creating such a program!!. The key to understanding how this program works lies in reading the manual. I intend to keep reading it as I go along. I will only post a question if there is something I just can't understand.

Thanks everybody for your advice and help, Dan C.

BTW, there is no reason to create 3 or more single aircraft flight plans and then combine the BGL files together, other than for testing purposes. AIFP is more than capable of creating flight plans for more than one aircraft in a single file.
I wasn't compiling three bgls together. I created 6 flight plans using three different aircraft and then I complied them into one bgl. To be clear, I didn't compile each flight plan into their own bgl and then merge them.

However upon adding a couple more flights I began to get duplicate planes flying so close they look like one. I was setting my flights for a 24 hour period and spacing them out so they weren't leaving at the same time. I will go back and try again.


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However upon adding a couple more flights I began to get duplicate planes flying so close they look like one.
Sounds like you've got multiple traffic files with the same flight plan data.

Hi Don,
I did have multiple files, and it was my own doing/undoing LOL. I had made a backup of the file I was working on and placed it in one of my other addon scenery folders then I forgot I had put it there. Once I got rid of that file everything returned to normal. Sometimes I do stupid things and that is usually what causes my problems. I have been a flight simmer for several years but sometimes when I am learning something new I get confused. But again I want to thank you Don and all the other people like you that create programs to make flight simming more real and interesting. Thank you and everyone here for being so helpful!! This is a wonderful forum too!

Dan C.