1. E

    AIFP Times do not match with Times in FSX

    Hello! For some reason, all the departure times from the AI Traffic that I compiled with AIFP do not match with the departure times on FSX; all flights leave one hour before on FSX. (For example: AV246 SLLP-->SKBO should depart at 03:35am according to the Avianca's Flight Plan on AIFP, but on...
  2. hendrik357

    Multiple flight plans

    Hi Everyone, I have been creating AI flight plans with AIFP V3. It works wonderful for single airplane flights Example: C172 from DRA (Stock airport, Nevada) to KPRC (Stock airport). I have noticed a drop in frame rates which could be due to some of the aircraft I am using, Iv got to go...
  3. W

    P3D v3 .mdl file corruption from AIFP3

    I converted several old FS9 and FSX aircraft for use in P3D as AI. When inputting these aircraft in AIFP3, it sometimes notifies me that no model radius was included in the .mdl file or that the .mdl file was inaccessible. I entered a radius and and clicked on the "Update Aircraft config/Sim...
  4. W

    FSX Airport coordinates at 00° in Airport Editor

    Using FSX SE. When I open any airport in the Airport Editor, the Longitude and Latitude coordinates fields are both set to 00°, and not to the Airport coordinates (Lat, Long) Is that normal, or is it an issue ? Is it possible with AIFP, to move slightly the position of some airports ?
  5. A

    FSX Not able to choose target FS version - AIFP - FSX-SE

    Hello! I installed FSX SE on my computer one month ago and I downloaded the newest version of AIFP (v. 3.1.18). When the Main Screen appear (where you have lists for flight plans, airports and aircrafts) after I launch it, I'm not able to select my target FS version. I suspect that it is...