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New scenery Göteborg-Landvetter FSX/P3D2 RC-Scenery

Hi Daniel and others,

So sorry, but after a one year break it is definitely coming soon.
Reasons for the delay:
- burnout from one of us (he got too much involved I suppose and his wife did not agree any longer;));
- 7 month absence plus one month computer problems for the other one;
- Lack of beta testers;
- FSX and P3Dv3 compatibility.
Things are working in FSX but not in P3D and other things are working in P3D but not in FSX.
I am quite satisfied with my FSX ESGGv3 and my partner is quite satisfied with his P3D version so we wait until our hawk eyed beta tester (Gothenburger, recently back from India) gives the final OK.

Here are two pics to start with:



Will be back with more as soon as we have an exact idea of when it will be available but it should not be too long now.
That looks really good! Any plans for SODE Jetways? I know this Jetway is a little bit different than most jetways out there, but it has been done with exactly this type in Tatu Kantomaa's recent version of Rovaniemi.
Thank you, Manfred and Hewe for the kind words. But we have no plans for SODE jetways for P3D, sorry. Some are animated in FSX though.
Well, you probably do not know the problems you face when working with a Swede of Austrian origin married to a Finnish lady, a Belgian (me, for God's sake, but blame it on my parents) that lives in the Netherlands, is married to a Dutch girl (well, woman in the meantime;)) and avoiding divorce by living in Spain for the better part of the year (huge sacrifice but only because I do not have my FS computer there:)) and worse still, using a local Gothenburger, sexually deprived bachelor:p as final beta tester: he always comes up with something he has seen last time he was on the airport, that was not there before but is there now (a frequent traveller). And I do not know how to include his imaginary ladies into the scenery without violating some copyrights:eek:.
Anyway, here are some more pics of things that have changed:


20 Road signs.jpg

16 New fence & vehicles.jpg

Cheers and have a nice weekend all of you!

PS (you know me): do not confuse a Dutch girl with a "Dutch wife" as she is real and bossy, probably just like the Finnish one is :D.
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Thanks a bunch, Henrik. But that is also why I have not been able to contribute on adding some stuff to your amazing AI ships yet.
And worse it gets when they start speaking Swedish when on Skype together. I am used to Danish but not to Swedish.
Except for your Danish "Stöt" it would be a lot easier to understand though than Swedish is.
I promise I will fulfill my promise of a year or more ago to get back to your AI ships once this ordeal is behind me.


PS: I wish I were more of an artist to make screenshots. They are just plucked off the screen without any further ado. So here is another one just for the fun of it:p:

Gray and rainy with water and specular.jpg

PS2 (so sorry but you know me): one important neglected part by our beta testers was to check on quirks in the AFCAD for user and AI aircraft. So I took it on myself and found out that I had made some mistakes there in V2. After correction now user aircraft get ATC instructions to a specific parking spot and taxiing to rwy 03 will not confuse you anymore on which taxiway to use.
A further update for those that start wondering if this update will come at all:
Yes, it will but we thought it would be wise to wait a while longer to see what P3Dv4 has 'in petto' for us. And then it will depend on what changes could influence our scenery in a negative way (or positive, who knows:)).
You will appreciate that we want to have our scenery compatible with the latest P3D version as well.
Cross your fingers,



PS: to show you what I am up against, here is an extract of a message sent by my Swedish partner to somebody (me!) who does not speak Swedish:eek::


I have an inkling of what this Aaaarg! means, but the rest is rather gobbledygook:rolleyes:.

PS2 (you know me): a further screenshot from FSX this time where it shows that the airport hotel has a badly insulated roof :D:

FSX the airport hotel must have a badly insulated roof.jpg
Hi again (almost one month after my last entry here),

Well, it will take another month or so for the v3 to come:(.
We have cleared all obstacles and our scenery is P3Dv4 ready but... outdated!!!
In fact, they have expanded the airport in that they have torn down some buildings, changed some others, increased the size of the apron to include some extra airplane stands to the northeast and the southwest side (stands 1,2,3 and 41 and 41A) and that is what we are updating in our scenery right now.
A preliminary top down screenshot of the southeast expanded apron and extra stands (41 and 41A) that we are working on is shown here:

so far so good.jpg

A lot of work still needs to be done and we are waiting for pictures of the northeast end to make it 'as real as it gets'.
We would not want you to end up with an airport that is not up to date and would not work 100% in FSX, P3Dv2, P3Dv3.5 or P3Dv4, would we?


PS: Blessed be the patient ones as they will be rewarded (or something like that):D.
PS2 (you know me?): I am afraid we will have at least three or maybe four versions: one for FSX, one for P3Dv2 (maybe, if that one is not fully compatible with FSX), one for P3Dv3.5 (for sure) and one for P3Dv4. And we are still wondering if Simmarket has the installers ready because we do not have our own. Be it said though that you can always install the scenery manually the old fashioned way like in FSX if you know how to.
Hi and thank you for the recommendation.

Unfortunately that is not the way it goes as Simmarket will charge you every time for it because of the work they have to do on the installers . So you'd better wait for the final scenery as it is in real life as of July 2017 that also works in the P3Dv4 (plus its hotfix that changed some things that were working fine without it and that took us some time to adapt once more).
We need to have some more 'on the spot' pictures of what is changing or has changed on the northwest (GA/technical area/DHL building/provisional hangar, etc.???) expanded part of the apron.
I do appreciate your impatience as I feel the same as you do but because of the present lack of truly telltale photos, we are at a loss as how to exactly render the latest changes to the extended north west apron.
There is already our v2 scenery of Landvetter, so what keeps you from using that one in the meantime?


PS (you should know that by now:)) : here is a (once more preliminary) screenshot of structures that have been erected at the southeast end that were not there yet when we did our v2:

This is new 250717.jpg

It also gives you an inkling of the work still to do!!!

PS2 (;)): by the way, I am only the helping hand. The real scenery maker is hiding behind my postings. Suspect he is too modest!
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Well, it takes longer than we thought but we are still at it! Have a little more patience please as things are progressing and you will not be disappointed because we want to have the airport as it is right now. Unfortunately it looks as there are some more changes to come but we can only make it as it is right now.
Take a preliminary look at some the stuff we added:

- A winter time screenshot of the added aircraft stand ground marking numbers;

slowly but steadily.jpg

- one of the south apron extension add ons;

slowly but steadily 2.jpg

and some extra detail also at the south apron expansion.

slowly but steadily 3.jpg

I could have sent more pics but I do not want to take too much advantage of Arno's free website ;)!

Cheers and hang on there!

PS: if somebody wants to join us or to give some good advice, feel free to contact us :)!


Roby (on behalf of RC Design who are apparently incapable of adding some comments themselves)
Hallo everybody!
I'm an old retired commercial pilot and have done a lot of takeoffs and departures including ESGG Landvetter. One of the ESGG designers at RC Design, who is also a good friend, asked me if I wanted to test their ESGG, which is 95% ready for Prepar3D v4. I have prepar3d v4 with a powerful data and tried with a 737-800 takeoff, overflying the airport and ILS approach rwr 21, both day and night sight.
I was more than pleasantly surprised. Just to taxi out and to the gate get me hair-racing.
It was amazing. It was just like sitting again in the cockpit and doing an ILS approach on rwr 21.
I must say than this scenerie will be 100% ready when it is going to be one of Sweden's for Prepar3D v4 best Swedish scenerie.
I must strongly commend all these builders of our sceneries to our flight simulators. Most purchased sceneries are amazing. It must be a huge effort to try to make them as realistic as possible, and satisfy all simmer’s. I hope they never get tired!
I also understand that, of course, it must cost some money to buy. I hope there are some who can build several Swedish airports, such as Stockholm Skavsta
I just felt I had to show at least my appreciation for all these designers.
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Yes, the old v2 scenery is P3Dv4 ready (has been for a long time already) but not released.
However, there is a but, a reason for that:(!
Landvetter has been changing and expanding since our v1 three years ago and we are still working on the changes (of which I already sent some screenshots some time ago).
The last part is the north end extension that is almost ready as well.
The hardest part, though, is to adapt the old photoreal.
But glad you liked it as it is and thanks for the kudo's.



PS: we have not the faintest what the update will cost. It does not depend on us.
Yep, we promised ourselves it would be ready before Xmas!
I can only show you some preliminary screenshots of the changes from an old monitor in FSX though, because that is all I have over here at my present location.

updates nov9.jpg

leather dress.jpg
winter new.jpg

southeast extension.jpg
southeast extension summer evening.jpg



Sorry to inform you that I have done my part in this scenery already some time ago and that it is now up to 'Chico' to make sure it becomes available.
My v3 version is 100% working and not too heavy on the fps (not even with all the dynamic lighting in P3Dv4).
Unfortunately this (former?) partner is experiencing some real life problems that makes me wonder whether there will be any v3 at all as I have lost contact with him.

PS: will wait some more to see what the idea is and whether I will be able to re-establish contact.

P3Dv4 landvetter police car with improved dynamic lights.jpg


PS2: no better screenshots for the time being (I am missing my home computer).