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Hi Morten:

Will you be updating any files in your download package of One Click Hangar for Sketchup 2016 plugin compatibility ? :scratchch

PS: I have yet to find detailed documentation on this feature:

"- Hangars can be imported and automatically created for a whole airport by exporting parking spots in Aircraft Design Editor, using the Export to One Click Hangar plugin created by Jon Masterson"

Do I have to use parking spots in ADE for the *.CSV file to be successfully written out into the selected destination folder ?

If so, and if I do not use parking spots in a Aircraft Design Editor project, do I otherwise simply use the Import AFCAD feature of the One Click Hangar plugin within Sketchup to bring the converted XML data into a Sketchup project as vector data ?

Also, when such data is sourced from ADE, is it re-projected from Geographic Lat-Lon / WGS84 to UTM / Google Spherical Mercator as Cartesian coordinates by ADE ...or by your One Click Hangar Sketchup plugin ?

Your further explanation of how this works would be greatly appreciated. ;)

Again, many thanks for all your outstanding work with this excellent utility ! :)

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Hi Gary,

The One Click Hangar plugin should be working ok with SketchUp 2016, although I have not tested all of the advanced features.

The latest version of One Click Hangar should be available on my website:

There are a few things to consider though. I started restructuring both the menus and the file/folder structure of the plugin, in order to stop the plugin from having a lot of files in the root of the SketchUp plugin folder, and to keep the Extensions menu tidier, in addition to making the plugin modular.

So if you download the latest version from my website, which also contains higher resolution textures, I would recommend deleting the old One Click Hangar .rb files from the SketchUp plugin folder. The latest version should detect any of the old files and bring up a warning if it does.

With regards to the ADE and AFCAD features. It's been a while since I last did any development on those features and as with many other things, it's not been documented that well, so the next pieces of information may not be 100% accurate, but I will spend the weekend checking the code to see exactly how I made it.

The ADE export reads the comment field of each parking spot to determine the type of hangar, if parking spots are grouped together to make a hangar row, or a nested t-hangar row, and One Click Hangar reads the exported file to create the hangars for the airport. I do not remember the exact syntax for this, so I will have to check this over the weekend.

The import AFCAD feature reads certain sections in AFCAD bgl files, such as airport location, runway, taxi/apron links, apron and parking spots, to create a simplified layout of the airport. The idea was to make it easier to match up the hangar to the parking spots and also to easily create custom textures for aprons, however one of the issues is the projection of said elements.

The projection is calculated by the One Click Hangar tool for both the ADE export file and the import AFCAD feature. When reading an exported file from ADE, it averages the latitude and the longitude of all the parking spots to geo-locate the airport in SketchUp, whereas when reading the AFCAD, it takes the airport coordinates from the AFCAD file itself.

In both cases it uses the haversine formula to calculate the distance from the geo-located airport position to the position of the individual element.

As I have little knowledge of how to project the elements properly, I decided to first calculate the distance from the centre of the SketchUp; by first callculating it directly north/south and then directly east/west from the centre, which I know is not the correct way to do it, as it means objects will be out by a few metres, when they are too far away from the centre.

Both these features were classed as nice-to-have features, so no development have been done on them for ages, however I now think I know how to fix this, so I will spend some time on getting them to work.
Hi Morten, and thanks for that informative reply. :)

I plan to test the functionality of One Click Hangar for Sketchup 2016 plugin compatibility soon, and will offer any feedback which might merit consideration as I proceed with a few test projects. ;)

Keep up the great work ! :wizard:

I've been wading through all the examples in extension examples.txt and extensions.och (after adding the few missing textures like scratchy window, etc.) and they all seem to work with Sketchup 2016. I haven't been that methodical though, as I should have made a list and checked off each one when I tested it. I'm using the OCH version dated 10/01/2015. If I find one that doesn't work right, I'll let you know.

This is a most impressive tool, Morten.:D
Hi Jay,

I get the same issue in the latest development version. I will have a look at it, however this may take some time as I'm going away today and won't be back until next week.
Thanks. I'm also away for the next 10 days. There no rush on my end, as I was just testing out everything with Sketchup 2016. It also forced me to look closely at all the extension options and the Ruby code (I'm used to C++). The options constitute a pretty nice macro language.

Everything else that I tested works and windows aren't exactly the most important feature on a hangar.
I had a chance to check the window issue again and I noticed that the option does work in Sketchup 2016, but for building extensions only. Maybe I read the manual wrong, and window extensions may not be applicable to a standard hangar without any building extensions.
The code to draw the windows are different for the extension. I've not had a chance to look into it yet due to high workload at work
Hi Morten

I am trying to make a particular hangar using one click and I was wondering if it was possible to make a certain kind of beam. This is the hangar I am making. These are the interior beams I would like. is there a way to get something like these in the tool.
Hi Jeff, I had planned that kind of beams and doors, however I have not done any development work on One Click Hangar for a long time, as I've concentrated on other aspects of flight sim, mainly AI stuff, so have not got around to doing it.

I'd like to continue developing OCH, however I'm quite busy with real life, so I cannot commit anything other than uncomplicated things.
Hello Morten! I hope you are doing well my friend. After a long absence from creating airport scenery, I am back. I know you haven't made any updates to OCH in a while,but I have a follow-up question from long ago. On T-Hangar Rows and Double Nested T-Hanger Rows, I believe there are supposed to be entrance doors for each large door, but I can't seem to get them to show up. They do show on a single T Hangar. I can manually add the entrance doors if required, but I wasn't sure if this is not working or if it is part of extensions for the Row type T hangars. Thanks man!!
Meh....disregard my last post. I set the Door Height to 450 and they came through.

On a different note, for many of the hangars I am developing, I basically let OCH create the hanger, (I will also modify the base texture file to make it the color I need) then I pull the elevation views and place them in a texture file, then create a minimal model in SU and apply the textures. This is my process for hangars with all doors closed because I feel like the exported .obj file is too heavy...meaning too many triangles. So, I want to include some of my work in the SceneryX database for others to use. I think I need your permission to do so? If so, I'm asking.

Thanks Morten!!
Hey Morten,

I know you're not showing OCH much love lately, but wanted let you know the following:

1- Sliding Doors on T-Hangar Rows doesn't work. It actually puts the door frames on one end instead of the sides:

2-Any chance to get the following hangar type(s)?

These appear to be sliding door hangar rows without external frames.

Just thought I'd ask. If no, I guess I'll have to create the old school way :(
Hi Robert,

Apologies for the late reply.

You're right, I've not done much with the OCH plugin lately.
I've not seen the sliding door issue before, so I will have a look at it. Same with the "internal" sliding doors above, but it may take a while.
Hi Robert,

Apologies for the late reply.

You're right, I've not done much with the OCH plugin lately.
I've not seen the sliding door issue before, so I will have a look at it. Same with the "internal" sliding doors above, but it may take a while.
No worries mate. It's great to know you're still around at least. Thanks for the reply!

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