One click hangar

Only a couple more questions....
1- Do you have a complete listing of the Extensions/options? The PDF only covers a few

2- On this particular 3 door hangar, on the left hand side there is a door and some windows, are these available in the extensions, if so, how to?

I did find the extension examples.txt; therefore, I have been trying out some of them. The entrance (ED) doors seem to be acting correctly, but the windows seem to have an issue. The issue seems to be that the glass texture is being placed at a different location from where the window frame is located, and the glass texture (Scratchy window) seems to be hidden somewhat by the normal wall texture.

I'm also interested in the signage also.

I am looking through some of the .ch files and the ruby code to see if I can figure things out on my own, but the options seem a little difficult to define.
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Hi Robert,

I haven't documented the extensions completely yet, but it has been on my to-do list for a while.

The entrance doors inside the hangar doors are added automatically if the hangar door is taller than 360 cm. I thought I had included an option to exclude or re-position those doors, but looking at the code it doesn't look like I have. I have also planned to create an option to add windows or semi-transparent textures to the different hangar doors, but this has not been completed yet.

With regards to the windows not being drawn as expected. I did start working on some code to resolve this issue, however this has not been completed yet. In my current development version it fails to draw the hangar completely if trying to add windows.

Without going too much into details, the way the windows are draw are by drawing the full wall and then creating cutouts for the windows, however at some point, this stopped working (incidentally, it didn't initially work properly for entrance doors placed on the ground, they had to be offset by one centimetre, however they work ok now).

I will try to fix this over the weekend, and let you know how I get on.
Hi Morten, one more thing...I noticed on the double nested t-hangers, that the entrance doors on the bi-fold doors are not being created. I set the door height to 400 to ensure I stayed above the 360 threshold. Also, it appears the entrance door extensions are not working on the nested hangars. Not a biggy and you may already be aware. Thanks for what you're doing. Robert

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I think the entrance door extension hasn't been implemented for all hangar types yet. I'm currently working on changing the drawing method, which should make it easier to implement extensions across hangar types.
I'll have a look on the entrance door issue for the double nested t-hangars.
Hello Morten, On the entrance doors, is there any way to 1)change the handle to opposite side or 2)an option to remove the handle other than exploding to the point it can be manipulated? If the entrance door handle has option for on/off, then the door extension will work for windows too. :) Thanks,
Hi Robert,

Currently there is no way, as far as I can see in my code, to change or remove the handle via extensions, however I shouldn't need to change much of the code (hopefully) to add these options in.
Hi Robert,

I have uploaded a new version of hangar, which allows for the door handles to be reversed or removed via the extension syntax.
This is achieved by adding a colon after the door type, followed by NoHandle or ReverseHandle.

ED(220x0;80x220;R;Half glass:NoHandle;Blue metal;Scratchy window)|ED(120x0;80x220;L;Half glass:ReverseHandle;Blue metal;Scratchy window)

The only file which has been updated is ocss_extensions.rb

Please let me know if you run into any issues.
Good work Morten! I tried it out and it works as advertised...


One other question at the moment...

I am trying to add an entrance door to the right side of this extension that is in the screen capture. Is this possible? If so, what is the syntax? I have already tried to use the standard ED...R, but it gets added to the right side of the hangar itself, not the extension.

Thanks again for your assistance Morten!

Hi Robert,

Are you creating the extension using the R( extension command? If so, it should be possible to add an attribute to create doors and windows on the extension bit, however I need to look properly into the syntax, as it's something I haven't touched on for a long time.
Is it something similar to the below you were looking for?

You can achieve this by adding the following attribute to the R( extension.

D(<offset from back or front wall (see notes)>x<offset from ground>;<door width>x<door height>;<side (F/B/L/R)>;<door texture>) or
D(<offset from back or front wall (see notes)>x<offset from ground>;<door width>x<door height>;<side (F/B/L/R)>;<door texture>;<door frame width>;<door frame thickness>;<door frame texture>)

Please note that currently a default door frame will be added if not set.
With regards to the <side>, although I am not sure about my logic behind this at the time I created this extension, the wall facing the side of the extension, in this case the right, will for the purpose of adding doors and windows, be classed as the front wall of the extension. Also the offset will be from the extension's right hand side.
In short, for an extension on the right, the right hand wall will be classed as F (front), the back wall will be classed as R (right) and the front wall will be classed as L (left). If the wall was on the left hand side of the hangar, the left hand wall would be classed as F, the front wall as R and the back wall as L.

At the moment these entrance doors do not have any details added to them, but I hope to change this, so it will use the normal entrance doors.

Please let me know if you need any more clarification on this or run into any issues.

Example used for the hangar below:
R(200),H(240),A(80),D(100x0;80x200;F;Silver metal)

Excellent Morten! I have it working, although I do not believe the frames are necessary, but doesn't appear to be an option turn them off. Not a biggy either way.

I have noticed however, that whenever I add an ED style door to the hanger front or back, the texture appears to come in on the same plane as the wall texture making the ED door texture flash and shimmy. I have played around with different textures to see if it makes any different, but no luck. The screen capture below is an example. The objects on the back have the same texture as the small door on the left side.

Thanks a bunch! Robert

I agree, there should be an option to turn off the frames and I'll change it to make it use the normal entrance doors rather than using the current model. I'll let you know when I've updated the code.

The problem with the textures on the back wall is the same as with the windows. Creating a cut in an existing wall stopped working in one of the versions of SketchUp, and is something I'm looking to find a way to work around.
Well, I have finished building my home airport FBO. Couldn't have completed it nearly as quickly if at all without One Click Hangar. I am looking forward to doing more and more with it. Keep up the good work Morten!

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Hello Morten, hope you are doing well. Just curious if you're still in development mode for One Click Hangar? I know you had mentioned some major changes, but due to life constraints, you may not have time to devote to it. No worries either way as I understand you, just like each of us, have only one life to live. Thanks my friend!
I have uploaded the latest dev version, which includes some high-res textures, to
Please note this file is around 35 MB.

Also, more importantly, in this version, both the file structure and menu structure have been changed. The only file to go in the plugins folder is the oneclickhangar.rb file, the rest must go in a sub folder called OCH, retaining the folder structure in the zip file.

You will also need to remove any of the old files related to One Click Hangar. The new version will check for the old files, but not delete them. It will however add it to the \OCH\log.och file.

If you need any assistance, please let me know.