One click hangar


Directory of G:\One-Click-Hangar\Plugins\TextureFiles

10/04/2014 15:09 <DIR> .
10/04/2014 15:09 <DIR> ..
22/01/2013 11:37 160,958 suht_asphalt_grey.jpg
24/01/2013 17:31 13,624 suht_black_texture.jpg
14/01/2013 07:30 184,706 suht_blue_metal.jpg
22/01/2013 16:30 227,857 suht_brick_black.jpg
22/01/2013 16:31 195,046 suht_brick_light.jpg
22/01/2013 16:29 272,020 suht_brick_red.jpg
22/01/2013 16:30 203,707 suht_brick_white.jpg
14/01/2013 07:27 35,490 suht_concrete.jpg
22/01/2013 12:53 226,642 suht_concrete_flat.jpg
22/01/2013 12:54 420,489 suht_concrete_moss.jpg
23/01/2013 14:48 79,455 suht_concrete_smooth.jpg
22/01/2013 11:36 251,445 suht_concrete_wall.jpg
14/01/2013 07:29 148,091 suht_corr_iron_hor.jpg
14/01/2013 07:28 155,942 suht_corr_iron_square_hor.jpg
14/01/2013 07:30 161,277 suht_corr_iron_square_vert.jpg
14/01/2013 07:30 153,686 suht_corr_iron_vert.jpg
14/01/2013 07:29 210,259 suht_grey_metal.jpg
14/01/2013 07:30 165,297 suht_red_metal.jpg
14/01/2013 07:28 188,240 suht_rusty_metal.jpg
14/01/2013 07:25 137,200 suht_rusty_metal_bright.jpg
14/01/2013 07:26 97,205 suht_rusty_metal_flat.jpg
24/01/2013 01:38 101,079 suht_shiny_metal.jpg
14/01/2013 07:26 193,604 suht_silver_metal.jpg
28/01/2013 16:37 368,475 suht_wood_planks_brown.jpg
24 File(s) 4,351,794 bytes
Thanks. Found it I think. The white corrugated metal texture isn't included in any of the texture packs, however I had left it in the texture.och file, thus causing it to appear in the texture list.
If you'd like to use the file, you can download it from and rename it to suht_gt_white corrugated metal.jpg.

I believe this file does not have Creative Commons licence attached to it, which is why it is not included in the texture packs.
I'm in the process of updating the script to not add the textures to the texture lists, if the physical file is missing.

With regards to drawing hangars with no doors, I'll create an option for it to not draw any doors in the next version, which I hope I can get done tonight or tomorrow.

Have you come across any other issues in the latest version of the script? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve it or any features you'd like to see in it?
Here's another small problem.

I used Folding Level 90 to create closed doors. As the doors were closed, I used ceiling texture "Untextured".

The Ruby output:

Error: #<ArgumentError: Cannot find material named Untextured>
G:/One-Click-Hangar/Plugins/hangar.rb:3967:in `material='
G:/One-Click-Hangar/Plugins/hangar.rb:3967:in `standalone_hangar'

The model was created but with no doors.

Hi George,

Thanks for letting me know.

I will fix the error you get when choosing Untextured later tonight, when I am back from work.
Hopefully I won't need to change too much code to make the sliding doors flush to the hangar wall and each door section flush to their adjacent sections. If it's an easy fix, this should be sorted tonight as well.
Hi George

The hangar dev file has been updated. Please download the latest version, unzip and overwrite all files when prompted.
I have changed how the sliding doors are drawn and the door structure is now flush with the hangar, so you shouldn't see any gaps when drawing a hangar with fully closed doors.
Also, missing textures are no longer loaded to the texture list, the issues with drawing a hangar with no floor, and drawing any Untextured doors, should now be resolved.

Please let me know if this works ok.
Unfortunately it still doesn't like "Untextured".

Error: #<ArgumentError: Cannot find material named Untextured>
G:/One-Click-Hangar/Plugins/hangar.rb:3967:in `material='
G:/One-Click-Hangar/Plugins/hangar.rb:3967:in `standalone_hangar'
G:/One-Click-Hangar/Plugins/hangar.rb:3967:in `call'

Result is model with no doors.
Thanks George. I have updated the hangar dev file again and this should hopefully be resolved now.

Please let me know if you run in to any further issues with the plugin.
Another one:

Error: #<ArgumentError: Cannot find material named No floor>
G:/One-Click-Hangar/Plugins/hangar.rb:3783:in `material='
G:/One-Click-Hangar/Plugins/hangar.rb:3783:in `hangar_row'

This was a hangar row and the model was created correctly.
Hi George,

For the hangar row, the floor is the last part to be drawn, which is why the hangar row appears to be drawn correctly, however it won't move the hangar automatically if you have set its location to something other than the default. I shall fix this in the next update.

Currently the script draws the hangar in full detail even if the doors are closed, but I think an option to not draw anything not visible from the outside, should be added to reduce the number of vertices.

Looking at the textures, I presume you selected the bi-fold doors, which have a lot more faces than the hydraulic swing doors, due to the number of hinges drawn on the bi-fold doors. The number of hinges is also dependent on the width of the door, so I think and option to draw a less details bi-fold door should be added.

It may take some time to add the two options mentioned above, I will have to look at the code to figure out the best way to do it.

On a different note, exporting a Collada file from SketchUp 8 creates a dae file which is about 50% larger than exporting a Collada file from SketchUp 2015. The file size difference in the exported mdl file from Model Converter X is less noticeable though. Also, the number of drawcalls is less for a file exported from SU 2015.

It may be worth comparing the difference in exporter scripts for DAE and OBJ, as I have seen that some insist on triangulation (and even subdivision with re-triangulation) of all quad faces, reportedly in some cases, to facilitate successful retention of mapped texture UVW attachment vertices.

IIRC, according to Arno, and former ACES blogger "Adrian Woods" (aka "Torgo 3000" ?) texture vertices (aka "T-Verts") ...may yield a 3-fold greater vertex count in a MDL when compared to just the basic wire-frame of a Model's un-textured geometry.

PS: Keep up the great work Morten ! :)

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Thanks for this info Gary. I will check the different export options for SU. In the free version, DAE and KMZ are the only options, not sure about the paid version - might buy it.

In the meantime I have uploaded a short video of the next feature - One Click Fence, which will also be a part of the next update.

Hi Morten:

As with Google Earth, one can do just about everything one needs to do for FS Development in Sketchup with the "free" version.

As you may know, "SketchUp (v 8.0) – KMZ file is a zip file containing a KML file, a COLLADA (DAE) file, and texture images."

There are also free 3rd party import / export plugins for DAE, OBJ, DXF, etc. which work as well or better than those supplied by Sketchup. export DAE export obj&start=10 export DXF

FYI: Ruby plugin scripts of particular note:

Export Collada with texture names by Aerilius


Make Unique Texture ++ by Aerilius


TIG's OBJexporter

BTW: Google Earth Pro was recently also made available for "free" if one "opts-in" via a free Google registration.

PS: One-Click Fence looks quite promising; will you be including some seamless tile-able ex: PNG textures (with transparency) too ? :scratchch

Hope this helps ! :)

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That's great, I will look at these links over the weekend.

With regards to the One Click Fence, I'm planning to have it drawn with textures, in addition to be able to select fence type, post type, etc. I'm going to look into transparency for png textures and I have to find at least one good tile-able chain link fence which I can include. As with all features, user-defined textures will be allowed as well.