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P3D v3 P3D Groundpolygons / Shadows

Hello guys,

I hope you can help me. I am kind of stuck with my groundpolys. I tried to do it the P3D way added the zBias to the materials, exported the model and loaded it into MCX GPW:

The result is perfectly fine BUT I do not have shadows:

When searching for groundpolygons and shadows a lot of threads come up but they are always about FSX and that you should use specific layers. I tried that as well but with no success.

I also tried to play with the settings in MCX, so I left out the "slice polygons" and got this:

The shadows are kind of there now, but well... you can see the rest.

It seems to work for many people, so what am I doing wrong?

I think you're doing everything ok with the polys.
In the sim go to the graphic settings and check if the shadows are on.
It should be the building shadows. But set them all to on to be sure.
Hey Daniel,

they are turned on as you can see in the second pic. Also on other airports I can see shadows (of my own aircraft). So the mistake has to be in my groundpolys...
Thank you Daniel, it really did the trick. Why I could see shadows then on other (payware) airports?! I suppose they used the old FSX method then?!

Anyway, thanks for helping!