FSX P3D SDK 3DS Max Tools Updated, Max2011 support

Hey Stu,

Pretty much. Lightmaps, bump maps, specular maps, just like X3. There are some small ticks here and there that have to be done, lots of small settings. But once you get the materials setup, then you can import/merge the materials on future projects and just trade out the textures (graphics) to the new bird.

Its kind of a shame that the FSX SDK didnt come with pre-setup textures that only need graphics installed in them, or have some that you just switch out. Plexiglass for instance is so sophisticated, that early on, it would take us like 2 weeks to figure out how to get it just right. Thats alot of lost time.

Reminds me, I should do a preset of materials where people could download a set of parts, merge them into their project, and suddenly the materials are in that projects material library, preset, etc. Then you delete the parts and the material stays in the library for that project. Thats how I do it now for all my newer projects. Saves a ton of time.

It'll be interesting to see which version MS Flight is going for ...
Roger that. It would be nice if they have both versions for those that have purchased Max9 or earlier so they do not have to spend another 4K for the new one.

Thanks also for the help and updates MJahn. Pretty cool of you to be doing all the cool tools for people. I salute you. Now I can get a modern issue of Max, legally, and it will work. You are awesome man.

Thanks also for the great tools for modding the FS9 files. Brilliant work Sir.