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P3D v4 Question about polygon count


I have been working on my payware Australian scenery since the start of the year and there is a few key static aircraft that i would like to place at the airport i'm working on. And i'm planning on announcing the scenery soon. However aircraft modeling is something i only have about 3 weeks of experience in.

Now to the question, I've modeled a static PBY over the weekend and the polygon count is a little over 7,000. I have a feeling that might too much for a static model placed at an airport. I really don't know what is acceptable for static aircraft modeling or aircraft modeling in general.

Here are some renders so you guys have an idea of what i have tried my best to do..

Any help will be appreciated.


REND1.jpg REND2.jpg


Resource contributor
(Note: I have no experience yet scenery building)
You can try and create a highly detailed model, do a polygon count and place that inside you sim
Create a 1st duplicate of the first model and reduce the poly count (by combining faces into 1) and place that next to the the first model in your sim
Create a 2nd duplicate of the first model and reduce the poly count (by even more combining faces into 1) and place that next to the the 1st and 2nd model in your sim

Then boot up your sim and see what number of polygon inside your model:
- "is detailed enough
- "is best for your project" (in relation to polygon count and frame-rate when looking at them)

Look over here for more Level Of Detail (polygon count) related inspiration:
- http://www.ai-aardvark.com/
- http://www.ai-aardvark.com/aiaircraft/aiaircraft.html
- http://www.ai-aardvark.com/modeling/LOD_101/aia_LOD.html
- http://home.sprynet.com/~drawlins/AI_aircraft/AI_aircraft.html
It's not the number of polygons so much as it is how you use them. The fuselage, for example, has way too many cross-sections in areas where the shape doesn't change much, and I'd wager the wings do as well. There's no reason to waste edges on a surface that isn't changing shape.

For comparison's sake, this is 7900 triangles and comes with pilot figures:

Da20 polycount.JPG