FSX:SE Removing winglets

Hello, I have the ModelConverterX and I am quite new to that programme, but the thing is I want to remove the winglets of the Boeing 747-400 and certain aircrafts of the Boeing 737-800 (all default ones), but I don't know how to do that. Does anyone know how? Thanks in advantage
Well you can but you will lose all of your animations and then it’s no point doing it because an aircraft without moving parts isn’t a aircraft lol

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I think the only 744 without winglets is the 400D variant? Maybe you can find an exterior model of 400D (FAIB maybe?) and make an aircraft.cfg entry that calls up the different exterior model. Not that rebuilding all those animations (including the skin/bones for the wings) wouldn't be loads of fun, lol.
I think Barry is right, also the Boeing 737-600 is the only one without winglets. Project Opensky have made both these models for FSX & the base packages are available for download from here.


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I think you can still order 737NGs without winglets. It's just that nobody does it anymore as it diminishes resale value.